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  2. This is a lovely story. I didn’t know Bill and his lovely wife except through John “Jack” Hocker who helped with the book. You have a way of putting people in your memories, thank you for sharing this lovely woman with us. I didn’t know Bill had passed in April of 1998, my mother, Eva Jean Hocker Dean was battling cancer and lost in April of 1998. I was probably told but until now it didn’t set in. I am so appreciative of the work that Bill did in honor of your great Aunt, that in itself shows his love for her. And what a wonderful thing he did opening up this whole family for so many of us and now you, going back to make corrections and doing what you do. Again, thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you, Patty.

      Bill was able to build on work commissioned by a prior generation—Opal (Luehrs) Hocker, I believe, wife of Krehl Samuel Hocker. I hope that I, too, am able to build on their work and leave a body of work that is at least as valuable to future generations.


  3. Lisa Wingeard

    This is a WONDERFUL write up about a truly lovely woman. Bill was my grandfather’s cousin; I too was bitten by the genealogy bug and Bill was invaluable in getting me going! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to meet up and compare notes!

  4. Elwood C. ("Skip

    I read Mr. Werner’s comments, particularly about “visiting his Grandfather” in Montoursville. While I was born and raised in Lancaster Co. I’ve lived near Woolrich, PA (10 miles North of Lock Haven) for the past 12 years. One day while doing a “Background Investigation” on an applicant for employment I parked along Broad Street to do paperwork and when I finished, I looked up and saw a sign saying “Hocker’s Veternary Clinic or something similar. I went inside hoping to speak with the Vet but he was not in the office and an employee said he was a life-long resident of Lycoming Co. This was the second Hocker I became aware of in Lycoming Co. I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman named Guy Hocker who lived near the village of Cammel along the Pine Creek. He died not long after that at 90-something years old.

    1. Skip, there is a whole branch of the Hocker family that settled in Lycoming County in the early 1800s. Christopher Hocker, son of Johan “Hans” Adam Hacker, and brother to Martin Hocker, your ancestor, and Adam Hocker, my ancestor, left Harrisburg and settled near Williamsport by 1820. Guy Hocker was a descendant of this family, I believe (there were two men, cousins, named Guy from that branch).

  5. James Werner

    My mom and brothers have done a lot of family research and I actually think my grandfather was bitten by the genealogy bug from my mom, Eileen as a member of the LDS church.

  6. Very sorry to hear about your great aunt’s passing — she sounds like a wonderful person and an excellent example to the whole family. (And to the rest of us, too!)

  7. James Werner

    William “Bill” Wingeard was my grandfather. I was fortunate to spend many days at there home in Lawnton when I was young. We visited them and spent Thanksgiving while they lived in Montoursville and attended Christmas Eve services with them at their church. My grandfather was heavily involved in tracing his families genealogy and I am pleased to read your post. I spoke with Betty a few weeks ago and was surprised to hear of her passing as she seemed so upbeat when I spoke to her. Thoughts and prayers to your family.

    1. James, thank you for the message. You grandfather was a wonderful man, always quick with a smile and kind word. He’s the reason I was bitten by the genealogy bug. I wish I’d come to it sooner so he would have had someone in the family to talk with who was as interested in it as he was.

      Jean’s passing was relatively quick. She’d been in the hospital the week before, but had been released and gone home and was in good spirits. Unfortunately, she suffered a quick turnaround and went back into the hospital. While I’m saddened by our family’s loss, I’m glad she didn’t linger in ill health, unable to care for herself. I pray she’s reunited with all those she loved, especially Uncle Bill.


  8. Jo henn

    This is a lovely tribute to your Grandaunt. She sounds like a wonderful person. My deepest sympathies to to you and your family for your loss.

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