1. Im THE exception

    I never k new my dad, so his eye colour is a mystery, my mums are hazel. Everyone else has brown eyes. Im stumped. My partner is Chinese and has brown eyes naturally, but our son has blue eyes, huh, brain fart. It’s one of the many anomalies surrounding me but as I’m not a genealogist I’m a little bewildered. I would probably be an excellent candidate for research for genealogists as I break every rule.

  2. Sommer Hoover

    This article is pretty interesting. I have blue eyes and so do my other 4 siblings. I’m certain we get this trait from my father (my mother’s are brown), because he has the exact shade blue as us and so do his 5 siblings and both of his parents. However, my grandfather (a Hoover) was definitely the one who has passed them on to us, because my grandmother’s eyes were more of a bluish-green. So are there a lot of other Hoover’s with blue eyes?

  3. Jean Alexander

    My parents both had blue eyes, and so do I.

    I am taking a drug to keep the pressure down in one eye, and the language on the prescription said that it might change the color of blue eyes to brown unless the eyes were a “true blue.”

    After taking the prescription for over two years, that eye is still as blue as the other.

    Boring, but there are degrees of blue eyes. My college professor son says that green eyes are still in the blue eye range of genetics.

    I’d like to know where that ancestor came from. I have a strong mtdna connection to people in Finland.

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