1. Charlie

    I descend from Anthony Hoover 1826-1914, Armstrong County. I have determined from his Death Certificate that his mother was Sarah Kaylor but I have always been stymied isolating his father. I see your comments about John and Sarah of approximately the correct age in Armstrong County. Do you have any additional information about John and Sarah’s children?

    1. Charlie, thanks for the comment.

      According to History of Armstrong County, John Hoover was a native of Dauphin County and early pioneer of Westmoreland and Clarion counties, coming to the area sometime after 1805 [possibly circa 1818]. The book names his children as: David L.; George; Sarah, who married Brigham Anderson; Nancy, who married Porter Haskell; and Colwell.

      There was a John Hoover, aged 38, living in John’s household in the 1850 census in Farmington Township, Clarion County. He could have been a child, too. His age puts his birth between David’s, circa 1805, and George’s, circa 1821. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other children not listed in the book. According to the 1820 census, John Hoover of Buffalo Township had a household comprised of:

      • 1 male, <10 (b. 1811-1820)
      • 2 males, 10-16 (b. 1804-1820) [David, ?]
      • 1 male, 26-45 (b. 1775-1794) [John]
      • 2 females, <10 (b. 1811-1820)
      • 1 female, 16-26 (b. 1794-1804)
      • 1 female, 26-45 (b. 1775-1794) [Sarah]

      Both George and Colwell, John’s other sons, and daughter Nancy were born after 1820. I haven’t found Sarah and Brigham Anderson, yet.

      John supposedly died in 1850 in Clarion County, so his estate papers may include information on his children.

      I believe this John’s wife may have been named Sarah based on the Buffalo Township deeds I found—this John owned land in Buffalo Township that he transferred to his eldest son David sometime around 1830.

      Hope some of that helps!

  2. Lawrence Elliott Hoover

    I have only started working on our family tree. My Grandfather was Samuel J. Hoover of Blair County, Pennsylvania. From the records I have seen, He was decended from
    Jonathon (knee) Hoover born June 3, 1783 in York County, Pennsylvania. and Elizabeth Ulrich Putterbaugh. born Jan.26,1786 in Bedford County,Pennsylvania. They had a son by the name of John Putterbaugh Hoover born Jan.13,1813. It shows him as having children, but no spouse is listed. The children were: Christiana born about 1833, Elizabeth b.1835, Esther b.1837, Harriett b.1839,Issac b.1841, Martin C. born March 28,1847 , John b.Dec.26, 1844, Christian C. b. about1846, Sarah b.sept.18,1849. , Levi b. march 16, 1837, Mary Ann b. Aug.21,1851, and Moses b. Dec. 13, 1856. I do not know if any of this is correct or verified. They were only listed in some notes I found of my mothers.

  3. Beverly J. Hoover-Watson

    I descend down from Bertoldas Hubere of Oberkulm , Bern Switzerland . He was the son of The Baron of Bern. This line comes down through Andreas Huber who came to America (Miery Springs MD. ) He later migrated to NC. his son Jonas moved to Ohio and his son was John, John married Saraah Hinkle and their son was John W Hoover,his son was George and his son George and then my brother George and David. We have Hoovers mostly in Indiana.

  4. Bruce Williams

    Your ancestor Hardman Richards (served at Gettysburg in the civil war) killed his neighbor, my 2nd grt grandfather Dr. John Falkenberg Williams, with an axe in August 1873, in a dispute over some firewood. Richards was convicted of manslaughter and served his time at the PA penitentiary. Ironically, he is buried near Dr. Williams at the Williams Cemetery in Huston, Centre Co., PA.

    1. Thanks for the information, Bruce. It certainly adds to the Richards family history!

      Hardman Richards was actually Margie’s ancestor. I’ve not been able to find a connection between my Hoovers and her gg grandmother Caroline Hoover.

    2. Margie Bridges

      Just wanted to point out that my gg grandfather Hardman P. Richards was not in the Civil War, too old, born 1818. He had a relative who was in the War:
      Hardman Mahafee RICHARDS b: 1836. Mustered in the Union Army Aug. 16, 1862,
      Private to Corporal, Jan. 1,1865, mustered out with company on June 1, 1865.
      Company H, 148th Regiment. Buried at Sanborn Cemetery, Clearfield County. Find-a-Grave mentions one child, Florence Edith RICHARDS TROUT, ____ to 1927.

      However, Hardman P. Richards did kill his neighbor Williams. I have not found Harman’s grave yet.There was a lengthy writeup in the newspaper, and a quick trial, as he went to the sheriff and reported/confessed the crime. He died after a year and a half in prison.

  5. Margie Bridges

    I mistyped. The last name is Richards. The censuses I looked at were 1830 and 1840.

  6. Margie Bridges

    My gg grandmother Caroline Hoover was born July 1826 in Clarion County, PA per death certificate. Well, Clarion wasn’t formed till 1840, so it probably happened in Armstrong or Venango Counties. She married Hardman Richard 15 Aug 1843 at an unknown place and they were at house 42 in Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., in the 1850 census, mis-indexed as Bichard. He was from Centre Co., so I don’t know how they met. In their household in 1860 was a Rebecca Hoover, 62. I assumed this was her mother, but it could be an aunt, I suppose. Caroline buried 3 husbands and had 8 children, and she finally died in 1903 in Clearfield Co. as Caroline George. Death certificate gives her maiden name as Hoover. I got her marriage date from the Civil War pension file. Philip is one of the names I have as a possible father. Others with daughters of the right age in 1820 or 1830 are John the younger and Samuel. Would like to prove or disprove these. Interesting that Christian’s wife was also a Caroline.

    1. Margie, thanks for the post. I’m not finding anything in my database for a Caroline Hoover, b. ca 1826. Christian and Maria Barbara (Harmon) Hoover Sr.—the parents of Philip Hoover, my presumed ancestor—had four sons and one daughter.

      1) Samuel Hoover (1796—1883) married Sarah Thomas (1797/98—1870) and Mary E. McEwens (ca 1849—aft 1900). They lived in Armstrong and Indiana counties and had children:

      Margaret (b. ca 1818), Absalom (b. ca 1820), John (b. ca 1822), Samuel Thomas Jr. (b. Jan 1825), Mary Rebecca (b. 29 Apr 1827), Jacob F. (b. ca 1828), David (b. 29 Jun 1829), Barbara A. (b. Aug 1831), Moses (b. ca 1836), George W. (24 Feb 1838), Zibiah T. (b. ca 1841)

      2) George Hoover (24 May 1799—13 Jan 1878) married Mary Repine (23 Jul 1799—28 Aug 1853) and Mary (___) (ca 1817—?). They also lived in Armstrong and Indiana counties and had children:

      Christopher Repine (b. 17 Feb 1826), Lucinda (b. 20 Mar 1828), Joseph (b. ca 1831), Isaac (b. ca 1833), George R. (b. 1835), Mary C. (b. ca 1837), John (b. 1839/40)

      3) Catharine Hoover (ca 1800—bet 1841-1850) married Jacob Repine.

      4) Philip Hoover (1802—May 1882) married Hannah Thomas (13 Jul 1802—16 Aug 1880). Please refer to the list of children in the post above.

      5) Christian Hoover Jr. (6 Oct 1809—15 Dec 1897) married Mary Green (ca 1811/12—21 Mar 1815). They lived in Armstrong County, then Osage County, Kansas.
      They had children:

      Barbara (b. ca 1833/4), Susan (b. ca 1835), Catharine (b. ca 1837), Hannah (b. ca 1839), Samuel (b. ca 1841), Elizabeth (b. ca 1844), Absalom (b. ca 1846), James (b. ca 1847), and Christ (b. ca 1849) (aka Christian or Christopher)

      The Plum Creek Township Hoovers in 1820, I believe, are Christian Hoover Sr. and his eldest son Samuel. The 1830 Plum Creek Hoovers, I believe, are Christian Hoover Sr., his son Philip, and his eldest son Samuel.

      I don’t know who the John Hoover of Buffalo Township. He’s in Buffalo Township, Armstrong County in 1820 and Buffalo Township, Butler County in 1830. I did pick-up a deed for a John Hoover of Buffalo Township—quite likely this man. It was recorded on 12 Sep 1834 between John Hoover and Sarah his wife and Johanetta Kleber, also of Buffalo Township, Armstrong County (Deed Book 8:412). They sold her two pieces of land, totaling 150 acres. John and Sarah bought the first piece (125 acres) in 1833 from Timothy Dunn. They also bought the second piece from Timothy Dunn, but the year is not mentioned.

      I’ve kept the deed on the off-chance that he’s a child of one of Christian Hoover Sr.’s brothers. There’s more information on them on George Hoover’s page.

      Have you looked into any Hoovers living in townships near Madison Township in the 1850 census? Since Hardman was from Centre County, they might have been living near her relatives.

      Also, there’s a Rebecca Hoover—of the appropriate age—in Pike Township, Clearfield County in 1850. She’s married to a Joseph Hoover. Might be something else to check out… or could be completely unrelated. :^)

      Good luck & let me know if I can help further.

  7. Susan

    I stumbled upon your blog from searching for our ancestors from Fayette County, PA. I have a Susannah Hoover married to William Gallentine in 1836. She was a witness at her mother-in-law’s(Susannah Dixon Gallentine)petition for a continuance of the pension of her husband’s (Abraham Gallentine 1760-1836) Revolution pension. We’re a bit stuck on Abraham’s son Abraham and I’ve been enjoying reading how you research and what records you’ve used. We’re just starting to look at the Orphan Court & land records.

    1. There are a lot of places to look for information. I use census records, deed records, estate records (both testate and intestate), tax records, church records, military records… Each piece of information helps to build a picture of your ancestor’s life. They also provide clues—if you’re lucky—to other places to look for information. If your Abraham Gallantine was in Fayette County before 1800, you might also want to check out the patent & warrant records for the county. Indices and some of the records are available online through the Pennsylvania State Archives.

  8. Caitlin Hoover

    My name is Caitlin Hoover. I am the granddaughter of “Boots” and Anna Hoover, and the daughter of Dennis and Donna Hoover. In April for the first time in 9 yrs I returned to Pa and became curious of my family history. From what I know I am the youngest grandchild of the original 12 Hoovers. I know very little about the Hoovers due to the fact my family resides in TX. Boots passed away when I was only 4 and I have had little contact with any Hoovers. Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bill Hocker introduced the Hoover homestead to me when I was growing up and in April I was able to see it again as an adult this time. I believe that I do have a large family but of course living in Texas I have never met most of them let alone know their names. I would love to see pictures, I only have one of Boots and Anna and that’s pretty much it. I would also love to know more about my family and history. Thank you for posting what you have it’s wonderful to see my family!

    1. wanda leaman

      caitlin, hello!! my name is wanda leaman, i’m the granddaughter of peg hoover. Uncle boots and aunt anna, uncle bill and anut ruth are grt aunts and uncles! would love to hear from you!

  9. John E. Hoover

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am the youngest (44 y.o.)of six born to Richard T., and Bobbye Jo Hoover. My dad (77 y.o.)is from Dayton Ohio, his father was Charles Hoover. Charles was married to Ora Lee, who was originally from Kentucky; I believe.
    My dad remembers some Hoover family reunions from when he was a youngster; early teens, and vividly recalls two old sisters who would show up from the west. We think them to be either related to a Tuck Hoover who ranched in south Texas (shot & killed in 1896), or a George Hoover who was the first elected mayor of Dodge city Ks., but are not sure.

    The story that I remember from my grandmother Ora Lee Hoover, is that she was a decendant of General Robert E. Lee, and that her first husband (who was deceased long before I was born) was directly related to both Pres. Hoover, as well as J. Edgar, whom I was named after. I corresponded with J. Edgar Hoover from the time I was 4 y.o. until he died in 1972. His secretary Helen Gandy, kept this up for a few years after his death. Ms. Gandy died in Texas in the early ’80’s.
    There was also a Jake Hoover, who was a gold miner and trapper, he is credited with discovering the “Yogo” sapphires in Arizona, before he was a guide and friend to the young western artist Charlie Russel. Jake Hoover is in some of Russels paintings and sketches.

    Any thing more you can share, will be of great interest to us, as well as to my little girls (8 & 10 y.o.)who are very curious about our family history.

    Thank you for your time and assistance,
    sincerely, J.H.

    1. Joanne Barnard

      This is very interesting to me since my great grandfather (Charles Edwards) was also a friend of Jake Hoover’s and of Charles Russell in Montana (Great Falls area I believe) around 1900 or so. Charles Edwards’ home burned to the ground including several Russell paintings. Of further interest is the fact that Charles Edwards’ mother was a Hoover. I have been unable to learn yet with any degree of certainty what her first name was, but she came from Pennsylvania. It was said that she was related to President Hoover. I wonder if there is any possibility that she (and Charles) were also related to this Jake Hoover.

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