1. My maternal 2nd great-grandfather Ullom was born in Greene County, PA, so followed the map from Pinterest to here. The counties lines changed constantly in young America until today’s more or less present permanent boundaries. Learned to look in all the surrounding counties for info — never know what you might find — you just might hit the mother-lode! grin!

  2. Kris, thank you. I just ordered the map. The shipping is more than the map! lol

  3. Is there a way to print the map with all the info on it? I only want it for my personal research. Thanks.

  4. sue harris

    Is there a legend that goes with the numbers on the countires?

    1. Sue,
      if you click the link in the article to the map (or this one), you can see the full map and the county legend. Look to the left side. The legend shows the number of the county on the map and the year it was organized.

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