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1. Terms

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Before any content from this site can be use, please contact me for permission. If permission is given, I request that all information be attributed to me as the author and legal copyright owner, and a link provided back to the specific and appropriate page on this site. If said link cannot be found, please contact me for assistance.

3. Limitations

I have no intention of causing harm to anyone as a result of the information I share on this site. The majority of those I write about are long dead. However, you, the reader, will not hold me accountable for libel or defamation of character from any content posted on this site. Furthermore, in no event shall I be held accountable or liable for any damages, arising out of the use or inability to use any of the content or materials on this site.

4. Disclaimer

While I try to post accurate and thorough information here on this site, I am not infallible. I have been known to make mistakes. The content is provided “as-is.” I do not warrantee any of the information on this site as accurate, complete, or current.

Due to the nature of genealogical research, my conclusions are only as valid as the evidence at hand. New information, new sources, or just a new interpretation of existing sources may prove previous conclusions invalid. This site is a “work-in-progress” and may be updated or revised at any time. That said, I do not guarantee that I will be able to always update or revise said content, or do so in a timely fashion.

I try to give credit where credit is due and to diligently (and correctly) cite my sources. Please contact me if you feel I have failed to do so. Any failure to do so is unintentional and will be corrected or removed.

5. Links

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7. Modifications

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8. Privacy Policy

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9. Disclosure

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The content on this page was inspired by the policies pages at Hack Genealogy and the TOS generator at Ben Nadel’s Blog. You can find more information about terms of service and disclosure statements for genealogy bloggers—and the need for them—at Geneabloggers.