1. Christina Funderburk

    I’m also looking for information on Jefferson Force.. I have to different spellings of the last name though.. Do you know which one is actually correct? There is Force, then Forse.

    1. Christina, according to his death certificate and his military record, etc. the correct spelling is FORCE. However, his gravestone uses FORSE. Ive’ also seen FORCY. The family goes by Force, so that’s the spelling I use.

      Remember consistent spelling is a relatively new concept.

  2. Michelle Rogus

    Hi Kris,

    I was on ancestry.com and I was looking at some one’s tree. They had Jefferson’s father as Isaac Forse born 1795 in New Jersey and died in Nov 1843. Have you come across Isaac in your research? Any truth to that?
    I was just curious.

    Thanks, Michelle

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