1. Robert Novicky

    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for the response, I have been out of the country and recently got back. I didn’t see your reply in my email, but I may have deleted it thinking it was junk. I usually don’t look at stuff outside close friends and family in that account and rarely use that account for anything but friends and family. I apologize if you were a victim of an early deletion. Thank you for the information and suggestions. I am certainly impressed with your own research and dedication to providing all this family history, it is very commendable. If I come across anything I will certainly pass it on to you. I live out in Washington state and going back to Pennsylvania may have to wait until I reach retirement in a few years…I hope.

    Again thank you.

    Robert Novicky

  2. Robert Novicky

    Great site Kris, very interesting. My descendant is Baltzer Hoover from Berks county. Have you ran across his name with people emailiing you? He was born in 1749, but we are not sure of his father’s name. He married Elizabeth Parvin and they had my great great grandfather Joseph Hoover. Any info would be appreciated.

    thanks Robert

    1. Yes, Robert I have previously received an email question about Baltzer Hoover of Berks County. Was he born in 1749 or 1769? I’ve seen both.

      The only Baltzer or Balthasar Huber I have information on was from Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County. He was born 28 Sep 1716 in Ittlingen, Germany and died bef 18 Sep 1747 in New Hanover Township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County, Pennsylvania. He emigrated from Germany on the Charming Nancy, landing in Philadelphia on 8 Oct 1737. He and his wife Maria Margaretha had two children: Catharina Elisabetha, born 26 Nov 1745 (sponsored by Henrich Keppele and Maria Elisa Geyer, wife of Velden Geyer) and Philip Balthasar, born 18 Sep 1747 (father deceased, sponsored by Valentin Geiger and Maria Elisabeth instead of Conrad Bawers). The children were baptized in the New Hanover Lutheran Church.

      Balthasar Huber was the son of Johan Jacob Huber and Anna Barbara Huber of Ittlingen. He had siblings: Anna Dorothea Christina Huber who married Matthias Gilbert and lived in Lancaster (now Lebanon) County; Johan Philip Dietrich Huber who married Regina Franck and lived in Lancaster County then Perry County; Johann Ludwig Huber who married Margaretha Graff and lived in Lancaster County; and Johann Jacob Huber who married Susanna Philippina Wetzler and settled in Lancaster County.

      Have you searched for Baltzer in Berks County records—probate, deeds, tax, etc.? Family connections found in these records, plus baptismal sponsorships, etc. may help you to locate siblings, cousins, and in-laws. These connections will not only give you a larger picture of the family, but will lead you to other research opportunities that my provide more clues as to his parentage. Sometimes the only “proof” you will find of parentage may be through indirect connections.

      Where in Berks County did he live? Berks was formed in 1752 from parts of Philadelphia, Chester and Lancaster County. Where he lived in Berks County may point to where to look for records prior to 1752—such as his baptismal record, if one exists. Not every religion practiced infant baptism. However, if he was Catholic then I would think there would be a baptismal record.

      I hope this gives you some research ideas. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Good luck!

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