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  1. Getgen

    Just out of curiosity, what are the names of the other two people in the picture? You see, my maternal grandmother was a Hoover from Snowshoe, PA. Her dad’s name was Russell Walter Hoover and he came from Pine Glen, PA, originally. Our family traces back to a Clyde Hoover in two different generations (starting in 1st generation with Clyde L. Hoover and Nora Melinda Houdeshell), but we only have bits and pieces of the tree, as the last time it was updated was in August of 1996 by Linda D. Bugash. It was gotten from another relative at a reunion in Pine Glen, but is not complete. There is a very STRONG possibility that by stumbling across your page looking for info on my ancestors who fought in the Civl War, I may have stumbled across a living relative – you. I’m trying to flesh out and help complete our family tree too, so this could be really interesting for both of us. Good luck to you and please help me out with the names because, if the names match, we might very well be cousins or something like that.

    ~Getgen (descended from Reams that descended from Hoovers)

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