1. Evelyn Hultberg

    Kris, just a note on Grandma Hoover. She is the one that taught me to love nature and the out of doors. She would take us on walks through the woodlands around Pine Glen and teach us about the plants. You would have found out a lot about your family just by talking to her. Too bad, the grandchildren that lived near by didn’t listen or write down the history she was telling us. I believe she also had an overseas pen pal that she kept up with for years. She taught Sunday School for years and worked with the 4-H clubs – actually she may have been the organizer of the 4-H clubs in Pine Glen. She was always looking for ways to enrich the children of Pine Glen learning experience. I am forever grateful the many things she contributed to the children of Pine Glen.

    1. Thanks for commenting! These are the kinds of memories that should be passed on to future generations. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I wish I could have known her.


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