About Kris

About Kris

So, what would you like to know about me? I got started researching my family history more than a decade ago, much to the bemusement of my Great Uncle Bill Wingeard who’d been trying to interest me in his research for years. Since then I’ve spent time in libraries, historical societies, county courthouses, at numerous cemeteries, and online trolling for information. I only know I’ve been successful, because I’ve got so much more to research!

What qualifies me to be a family researcher? Curiosity. A love of history. And an inherit skill in problem-solving. I both love and hate my brick walls. I hate them because I need find answers; those dead-ends gnaw at me, at my need to know. I love them because they force me to think, to focus on the problem, and to find new ways to approach it.

I’ve authored several reference books for Pennsylvania family researchers (see my Books section). And I spent several years working a both as a volunteer and a freelance researcher with the NEHGS (if you need help with New England research, I highly recommend them; they’re great!).

About This Site

I put together this site to share my research with an eye to both help others with their research and to gain assistance from fellow researchers and family members on my brick walls. I chose this style of site in order to share not just names, dates and places, but instead a narrative of my ancestors’ lives as I’ve come to know it through my research.

I want to share how and what I research so that others can perhaps learn from it— both through the process and sources I’ve used, and also in how I’ve come to my conclusions. I’ve tried to footnote as much as possible, so that others can review my sources and draw their own conclusions. (Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some of the original documents.)

If you need assistance with your research, please contact me. If I’m able, I’d be more than happy to help.