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Marriage and Death Notices from the Harrisburg Chronicle, 1820-1834

This book includes extractions of marriage and death notices from the Harrisburg Chronicle published between 1820 and 1834. It is available in print and digital download. It includes an every name index.


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Marriage and Death Notices in Harrisburg Area Newspapers, 1835-1845

This book includes extractions of marriage and death notices from multiple Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area newspapers published between 1835 and 1845. It is published by Closson Press.

In 1830, there were eleven newspapers in print in Harrisburg. This book contains marriage and death notices, including some obituaries, as reported in four of those Harrisburg area newspapers from 1835 through 1845. Issues used as source material in compiling this volume include: the Democratic State Journal, the Keystone, the State Capital Gazette, and the Democratic Union. Other newspapers from within Pennsylvania and other states were often quoted, as newspapers passed information from one area to another. More than marriage and death notices. Every name index.

Marriage and Death Notices from Harrisburg, PA Newspapers, 1835-1845

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Pages: 322 pages
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An Index to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Online Deed Books, Books A—D, 1729-1760NEW!

Land was wealth to our ancestors. As a record of the transfer of land, a deed can be a genealogical goldmine to the family historian. Lancaster County—known as America’s Garden Spot—was one of the earliest settled areas of Pennsylvania. Digital copies of county deeds from 1729 through 1986 are available online through the Recorder of Deeds. However, only those after 1981 are indexed.

This book provides a full name index to buyer and seller for deed books A through D, covering the period 1729 through 1760. Each listing includes the names of grantor and grantee, the book, the date the deed was written, the date it was recorded, and both page number and image number for easy access to the correct online file.

Lanc Co PA Deed Index

Pages: 214 (print length)
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ISBN: 9781312721555
Pages: 144 pages
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Pennsylvania Warrantee Map Indexes

The warrantee township maps are a useful tool in researching your family history and provide an excellent means of visualizing the location of a specific piece of property within the borders of a specific township.

However, when you want to quickly determine if a specific name can be found on the map, it can difficult to do. Frustrated by having to search the map for each name I wanted to locate, I decided to create an index for each township map that I use on a regular basis.

In the Works

A Hacker-Hocker Family (1st Edition)

This book covers the descendants of Christoph and Anna Margaretha (Jock) Hacker of Rußheim, Baden-Durlach, Germany and Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania through their four children: Anna Christina (Hacker) Lang, Johan Adam Hacker, Anna Margaretha (Hacker) Haushalter, all of Lancaster County and Johan George Hacker of Erdenheim, Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The book is written to adhere to accepted genealogy writing practices, following the Revised Register numbering system. It also includes new family research—including a number revisions to Wingeard’s conclusions—and extensive footnotes. If you’re a member of the Hacker/Hocker family, you won’t want to miss it.

If you would like to receive announcements about this book, please sign-up for the Hacker-Hocker Genealogy mailing list.

The Huber-Hoover Families of Lancaster County

This is a compilation of Huber/Hoober/Hoover data from Lancaster County in the 18th and early 19th centuries that I’ve collected from various sources, including Hoover deed extractions from Lancaster County deed books from 1729 through 1800. (This is a work in progress.)



  1. Jan Snyder Leibin

    Have just discovered your work on William Wingeard books, don’t know to what extent.
    Am trying to discover information about “The Rudy’s of God’s House and related families, 1574-1985″ which have been informed contains some mentions of my ancestors, and have never run across his works before. Are you also connected with this book? Is it accessible online? or on genweb? or through the historical societies in SE PA? Please fill me in as it’s hard to make these discoveries from here in Florida. Thank you so much for your help.
    Jan Snyder Leibin

    1. Jan, unfortunately I’m not involved with the Rudy book. The book was about Bill’s mother’s family. I took over the Hocker book because it’s about my family. Bill was married to my great Aunt, a Hocker. I don’t know if anyone in his family has taken on the Rudy book.

      I do know that Bill donated his books to a large number of libraries. You can try to see if your local library can request the book through ILL (see Genealogy books aren’t often circulating books, but sometimes you get lucky.

      Good luck!

  2. Paula Denson

    Hi. I am a direct descendant of Eve Hoover Phillips Violet. I don’t have a lot on her but do know about her children and where and when she died. I would like to hear from you to see how we might help each other.

    Thanks, Paula Denson
    Ponca City, OK

    1. Lisa Kessler

      I Contacted you through yahoo address on as well, so please excuse if this is a repeat.
      I am dec. of Eve Phillips Hoover and Sampson Violett, my ggg grandfather was their son Justice. I am seeking info about Justice’s 1si wife Malissa. M in 1840 in Licking county Ohio. I loose the trail there except for a reference in an old Licking county cemetery directory re her grave, which is no longer visible in the cemetery in Johnstown Ohio, the cemetery is mostly gone to ruin and there are few headstones left. I can’t find her maiden name anywhere except for her marriage to Justice where it is listed as Pennick or Pennock.
      I would greatly appreciate sharing any info re Violett surname.

      1. I’m afraid I don’t have anything on Eve (Hoover) Phillips Violett except her marriages and nothing on her husbands or children. Sorry I can’t be more help. If I do find anything, I will be sure to post it!

  3. Barry Smith

    I was contacted some months ago by a Lorna de Leigh who is connected to the Bonningtons via William & Robina (nee Wait) but has not connacted me since with details nor a e-mail address.

    Can you please help me?


    Barry Smith

    1. Barry,
      I’ve never been in contact with Lorna, so I can’t put you in touch. But I do have some information on William James Bonnington and Robina Wait and the rest of the Bonnington family. How can I help you?


  4. Douglass Hocker

    oops. Adam Hacker.

  5. Douglass Hocker

    You have on your tree a Jacob Hacker who married a Catherine Sterern. Yesterday in researching my genealogy at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania I went through the Bricklerville Luthern Church books and found a Jacob Hacker married a Cattrinia Steiner on August 23, 1818.

    The question is my Jacob Hocker/Hacker was born 1775 and his son Jacob Jr., was born in 1819. Is it at all possible that this Jacob is mine and not yours? I realize that mine would have been 43 when he married but, that could be a second marriage. I know that Adam hack went to this church so I was wondering what your thoughts were.


    1. Doug, thanks for the comments. You gave me a date and place that I didn’t have. :^) Excellent!

      I believe that marriage you found is for Jacob3 HACKER (Frederick2, Johan Adam1). He was born 23 May 1791 in Cocalico twp and died 1 Feb 1847. He’s buried in the Emanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery in Brickerville.

      He married Catharina STEINER, daughter of Frederick and Catherine (___) Steiner. She was born 27 Mar 1799 and died 8 May 1823. She’s also buried in the Emanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery. They had three children and lived Cocalico and Elizabeth township – staying in the same general area that the family originally settled.

      I believe your Jacob is Jacob2 (Johan Adam1), the youngest child of Johan Adam and Maria Elisabetha (WEIDMAN) HACKER. He married about 1810(?) Elizabeth (___) and died 8 Apr 1836 in Ohio. I don’t have any additional information on him; he’s one of my brick walls.

      His son Jacob Jr. was born 25 Mar 1819 near Harrisburg and died 28 Mar 1892 in Highspire. He was married 13 Dec 1842 to Jane KEPLINGER, daughter of George and Catharine (___) Keplinger.

      The Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, said of Jacob Hocker, Jr., “While still a boy, he accompanied his father to Ohio, returning as a youth where he worked as a driver on a canal boat, later owned a boat, had a general store at Manadaville, Pennsylvania, near Union Deposit, moved it in 1855 to Highspire, and after some years, engaged in mercantile pursuits for one year in Reading, Pennsylvania, returning to repurchase the store in Highspire, which he sold to his son in 1884. He joined the Hummelstown Lutheran Church, in 1835 and later attended services at Churchville, now Oberlin, and resided in Highspire at the time of his death.”

      So, I hope that helps clarify a bit. There are a lot of the same given names repeated in the different family branches. Please keep in touch.


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