Christina (HACKER) LANG

CHRISTINA2 HACKER (Christoph1, StephenA) was born on 25 December 1723 in Rußheim, Württemberg, Germany. On 8 November 1746 when Christina was 22, she married JOHAN MICHAEL LANG, also in Rußheim. Michael was born in Germany, though we do not know where. His parents and date of birth are also unknown to me.

Michael and Christina (Hacker) Lang entered Philadelphia on the ship Rawley on 23 October 1752, accompanied by Christina’s parents, and her sister and brother-in-law, Lorentz and Margaretha (Hacker) Haushalter/Householder.[1] Michael took allegiance to the King of England that same day. Christina was not quite 29 years of age when they came and we do not know whether they brought any children with them. Only the adult males were registered when boarding the ship.

The couple settled in Cocalico Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, probably near Christina’s parents and brothers. Christina and Michael likely died some time between 1780 and 1790. A Michael Lange and wife appear in a list of communicants for Emanuel Lutheran Church in Brickerville, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County for the “First Sunday after Trinity” 1780.[2] Since their son Michael Jr. did not marry his wife Christina until 1781, it is likely that this entry refers to this couple.

Additionally, a Michael Lang/Long also appears as a landowner in the tax records of Lancaster County from 1756 and 1759, then again in 1779 and 1780.[3] A Michael Lang/Long also appears in the tax records from 1783 through 1802. However, since both father and son were married and living (presumably) in Cocalico Township, the fact that only one of them appears in the tax record leads me to believe that the father had died. No burial location for Christina and Michael is known.

To my knowledge, Michael and Christina (Hacker) Lang had two children, a son and a daughter, as follows:

  1. ANNA CHRISTINA3 LONG was born 18 February 1754 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and baptized 15 April 1754, sponsored by Anna Barbara Brent wife of Andreas Brent, Anna Christina Moser, daughter of Paul Moser, and Christoph Reitenauser, single son of Hannes Reitenauer, confirmed.[4] She died in Centre County, Pennsylvania on 19 June 1827 and was buried in Wolf’s Chapel Cemetery. She married JOHAN WILHELM STOBER, probably in Lancaster County, sometime before 1777.
  2. JOHANN MICHAEL LONG was born 15 October 1757 in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was baptized on 13 November 1757 in Emanuel Lutheran Church in Brickerville, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County.[5] Michael died in June of 1802. In 1781, he married CHRISTINA STOBER, daughter of Johan George and Eva Elisabeth (Elser) Stober.

In subsequent generations, the spelling of the family’s surname LANG (pronounced Long) was anglicized and changed to Long.


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