1. Hi Kris. Thanks for clearing this up. I have been curious about what happened to David Huber/Hoover after he left the regiment. It’s curious that he was granted land in 1795. It makes me wonder if he is the missing son-in-law of Anna (Beam) Byers.

    The 1797 petition of John Beyers (son of Anna) states that he “…came into the Province about a month since from Pensylvania—But that his mother, Anna Beyers, with her two sons in Law & Daughters arrived in the Province Eighteen months ago—and Who, with one of her sons in Law (Chrisn Shoup) have received Lands for Settlement” On 15 May 1797 Anna made a petition which states, “that she has two Daughters who are married and settled in this Province – and being desirous to remove with the remaining part of her Family to settle with them, she sold her property in Pensylvania and came to this Province in the month of August” Christian Shoups petition (also 1797) claims that he “…came into the Province in the year 1795 – with his family and purchased a farm in Willoughby—That being desirous to obtain Lands in his own right, being capable of cultivating and improve the same – prays your Honor would be pleased to grant him 200 acres as a Settler (having never before Applied for Land). Christian’s wife was Eve Byers.

    So, Christian purchased land–he was later granted additional land. But what of the other daughter and son-in-law? So far I have been unable to find any mention of who these two folks are. However, the timeline makes sense (1795) as do the familial relationships (Boehm, Shaub, Beyer, Hoover) as all of these families were in close proximity to one another back in Lancaster. Just a thought.

    1. Very interesting information, James.

      From what I’ve been about to learn, the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Volunteers was stationed at Kingston, Fort George (Niagara on the Lake), Fort Erie and Amherstburgh—from one end of Lake Ontario to the far end of Lake Erie—during it’s eight years of existence. And Pelham Township seems to be near Bertie where the Byers could be found.

      My only concern is that I believe David was about the age of Moses Byers—Anna’s grandson? Does it make sense that he would be married to one of her daughters? The daughter would have to be one of the youngest of a long line of children…

      It would be helpful, I think, to learn more about David, his wife and children.

      1. Moses was likely a cousin to that Byers family (of Willoughby). Moses’ father’s name was Martin (as was Anna’s husband) but the two are not the same person. Moses’ father may have been uncle to Anna’s husband Martin, but there is no proof of that yet.

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