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  1. Evelyn Hultberg

    My dad took us to a spot years ago and claimed it was the original Christain Hoover homestead. It is located in an area called the Quehanna Wild Area, which is made up of areas in Cameron, Clearfield, Elk counties. there is an area called the Old Hoover Road (any connection?), a hiking trail in Wykoff Run natural Area, which I believe originally was the Driftwood Pike, then a state forest road. I have been on this road, but it was many years ago. This area was purchased from the Indians in 1874 and shortly thereafter was settled by homesteaders. Dad always said the site of the nuclear research area built by Curtis Wright in 1955 was the original homesite area. I am not sure where this is located exactly and I believe the reactor has been shut down. Curtis Wright I believe built the recator at the end of Recator Road according to some info I have on this area. The area was fenced in with guard house on Wykoff run road and Quehanna Highway. Since there was major clean up of the area after this installation was shut down, you might find some info in PA. news files. My Dad spent a lot of time in this area fishing and cutting wood and seemed to be very familar with the area. I am wondering if Uncle Bud or Uncle Don might know anything about this? Don worked with my Dad for a number of years and they fished together. Though younger than my Dad, he may know something about the area. – Notes

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