1. Vicki Reyes

    Thanks, Kris! This is great information!

    Do you have any information on a Heinrich Huber whose daughter was Louisa Huber, married to Jacob Wagner, Jr. of the Mahantongo Valley in Pennsylvania? There are several Heinrich Hoovers and the information that I have found has not been conclusive (https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE202437) and (Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine. Volume II: Hinman-Sotcher).

    I would appreciate any insights!

    1. Hey cousin!

      I haven’t researched the Huber families of eastern Pennsylvania. I’ve primarily focused on Lancaster County. Our ancestor Michael and family were located in Derry Township as early as 1758. The names Barthel, Conrad and Felix are fairly unusual—I’ve not seen them among the Mennonite Hubers of Lancaster.

      I hate responding with just “I don’t have any information on that,” so I did a little looking. The Wagner book got me thinking. I know there were Huber’s in the Goshenhoppen congregation at East Greenville (northeast corner of Montgomery County at the junction of Berks, Montgomery, Bucks and Lehigh counties). There was a Swiss Heinrich Huber who was a member of Goetschy’s congregation there, but it is unclear if he is the same man or the second Heinrich Huber referred to by Yoder. This man was from Buchs, Zurich, Switzerland.

  2. Sharon Beach

    The [Johann] Jacob Huber, who set up his tavern in 1735 in Lititz, Lancaster County, PA where Count Zinzendorf preached when he first came to America, is one elusive ancestor!! It has been written that he sold the tavern in 1746 and bought 400 acres and then in 1750, he founded the Elizabeth Furnace and became an ironmaster. After several years, he turned it over to his son-in-law, William Henry Steigel, who then began his famous glassworks. If anyone has any information as to who his parents were, who he married, and his children, I would be most grateful for any help provided.
    Sharon Beach (16 Nov 2016)

  3. Dale Hoover

    Kris: Thanks for publishing the list. My progenitor was Andreas (arrived 1738) and his wife, the subjects of McLean’s book The Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family. Andreas brothers Johannes(1728) and Christian (1732) came to Pa. before him. Another brother, Joh. Michael, left in the Palatinate to care for their parents, showed up in PA., according to a 1911 memoir. The 14 March 2010 note just above may be a lead I can follow if I decide to seek his records..

    I am considering employing some help for Pa. searching but first I have to have the questions in hand and the money in my pocket. Dale Hoover

    1. Dale,
      a word of caution about following up with Andreas Huber. There is some debate of which family Andreas, ancestor of President Hoover, actually came from. Please read Andreas Huber Origins: Trippstadt, Ellerstadt, or Ittlingen?. It’s quite possible that he does not belong to the Ellerstadt Hubers, but to the Ittlingen Hubers.

      Additionally, there has also been confusion in various sources between your ancestor and another Andreas Huber who came over in 1754 and settled initially near Hagerstown, Maryland. The second Andreas—Andrew (1754)—finally settled in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. A third Andrew (1741) can be found in several Lancaster tax records before he moved just to the north and settled in what is now Lebanon County.

  4. Gloria Wachter

    I enjoy reading and appreciate all the research you have done on the Huber-Hoover families. I am from Waynesboro PA and my grandmother was a Hoover. From Bible records I have her father as Mordecai whose father was Jacob Hoover born in Graceham Frederick County MD. Jacob’ s parents were Christian Hoover and Elizabeth Welty. Christian’s parents were Christian who married an Unknown Witmer, his parent’s being Martin who married Catherine Shirk and lived in York County PA. Martin’s father is the one I’m not sure of. I’ve been told that my ancestors arrived in Philadelphia on the Pink Plaisance in 1732. I have Martin’s father as a Christian. Do you have any ideas on whom his mother was, and where they settled?

    1. Gloria, thanks for posting.

      Based on your information, I believe you’re a descendant of Christian Hoover of Hempfield, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He received land patents in Hempfield in 1743 and 1744, so was in Pennsylvania prior to 8 Jun 1743. (See more here.) He died in Lancaster County prior to 27 November 1757 when his children quitclaimed his Hempfield property to their brother John. No wife/widow is named in these records.

      His children were:
      1. Martin Hoover m. Catharine Scherck (aka Shirk), lived in Hellam Township, York County
      2. Jacob Hoover m. Anna (___), lived in Brecknock Township, Lancaster County
      3. Elizabeth Hoover m. Henry Funk, lived in Manor Township, Lancaster County
      4. John Hoover Esq. m. Anna Hershey, lived in Hempfield Township, Lancaster County
      5. Barbara Hoover m. Christian Hoffman, lived in Rapho Township, Lancaster County
      6. Anna Hoover m. Johannes Bassler, lived in Manheim/Hempfield Township, Lancaster County
      7. Magdalena Hoover m. Johannes Hershey, lived in Hagerstown, Maryland
      8. Christian Hoover, d. before 1 Nov 1758, aged less than 21
      9. Michael Hoover, d. before 1 Nov 1758, aged less than 21

      Martin’s sons Christian and Joseph purchased land in Frederick County, Maryland while they were living in Hempfield Township, circa 1764. Joseph remained in Hempfield, but Christian moved to Maryland, settling near Graceham.

      Martin and Catharine (Scherck) Hoover had children:
      1. Christian Hoover m. Magdalena (Witmer?)
      2. Joseph Hoover m. Anna Kuntz
      3. Martin Hoover Jr.
      4. Isaac Hoover m. Catharine (___)
      5. David Hoover
      6. Mary Hoover
      7. Catharine Hoover
      8. Unknown daughter m. Jacob Martin

  5. I am searching for a Veronica Huber (b.1812)–in Canada, married a Peter Kreitz. This search is so confusing for us, too. I can recommend Masthof Bookstore: 219 Mill Road, Morgantown, PA 19543-9516. Telephone: (610) 286-0258. They have and sell a huge books collection of Mennonite/Amish/Anabaptist Family Histories.
    They are quite helpful. You can view their Book Catalog on their website.

  6. Aaron Hoover

    Heinrich Huber and Heinrich Huber Jr – wondering if these are the same lads that settled down in Herkimer, New York after coming from Switzerland? Anyone know?

  7. Liz

    What a great resource for Hoovers researching their roots-thank you!

    I am a descendent of Baltzer Hoover, born July 16, 1769 in Pennsylvania and died April 25, 1847 in Springfield,PA. He is buried at St. Patrick’s Cemetery in newry,Pa. He refers to himself as Catholic in his will, which I have. His wife was Elizabeth Parvin. They were married August 27, 1811 in Reading, according to a relative who once found such record.

    I am going nuts trying to determine who Baltzer’s parents were! Can you help?

    Liz M. happygolizzie@verizon.net

  8. Eric Reynolds

    My daughter is doing an anthology of Wyalusing, PA. Her mom’s family, the “Hoovers”, can trace their family roots back to approximately 1775 in Terrytown, PA. The common ancestor is a man named Casper Hoover from the Philadelphia area.

    Researching the name gave us your web-site. Understanding the great leap of faith to connect the Hoovers to the Hubers, there were two Casper Hubers. One came over on the Priscilla in 1749; the other one on the Chance in 1763. Does you have information on either one?

    Even if there is no relation, this is great information! Thank you.

    1. Thanks for posting. The surname “Hoover” can be found in records as Huber, Hubert, Houver, Hover, Hovar, Hoober, Huver—and variations thereof. So, it’s not really a leap of faith. :^)

      You’re in luck regarding Casper Huber—at least one of them. I was looking to see what I could find on a Michael Huber and found the following: ‘In a Property Inventory of Ellerstadt from the year 1781 it is reported of Casper Huber—son of Michael Huber of Ellerstadt and his wife Anna Barbara—”living in Philadelphia and 44 years old; he has been absent from here 18 years.” [Casper Huber, Ship Chance, November 1, 1763.]’ This is from “Ship Passenger Lists, Pennsylvania and Delaware (1641-1825)” by Carl Boyer.

      I’d suggest checking Philadelphia records to see if more information can be located on this man. If he was living in Philadelphia in 1781, he may be your connection. I’d check birth, marriage, death, estate/intestate, deed, and tax records. You should be able to put together more of a picture of this man.

  9. Heinrich Huber and Heinrich Huber Jr. on the Bilander Veron in 1747 may have been from Eppingen, Baden, Germany—relations of Johannes and Ottila (___) Huber of Ittlingen, parents of Andreas Huber (1738), ancestor of President Herbert Hoover.

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