1. Patricia Hoover Henderson

    Concerning the Licking County Hoovers: I am Patricia Hoover Henderson and my sister and I have been researching our family tree which include some of the Licking County Hoovers. Heres hoping it helps your research. Our 2nd Great Grandfather is Andrew Crawford Hoover (found in the 1850 census as Andrew Hoover with Noah Green and Olive Green). We were unsure of the relationship if any until we read some history of Licking County and found out that Noah Green married Olive Crawford. Knowing Andrews middle name was Crawford we figured Olive was a relative. Then we found Sampson Violet naming a Sophronia wife of Amos. In the 1840 Census for Licking County we found a Saphronia Hoover with 2 children a boy Andrews age and a younger daughter but no adult male. Then in 1850 Sophronia Hoover shows up in Franklin County with a husband Peter Hoover (some relatives think he is our 3x Great Grandfather but he is not) there is no Andrew but there is a Merthena (Mathena) that is correct age for daughter in 1840 census. No records indicate the maiden name for Sophronia until her youngest daughter (Matilda) married and named her mother as a Westbrook, we thought where did this come from? Then we discovered a court document concerning a Solomon Westbrook and Andrew Crawford that stated Andrew Crawford mother was the wife of Solomon Westbrook. So we researched Solomon Westbrook and he married a Mathena Edmunds Crawford who was the widow of James Crawford. The Crawford’s had several children including Andrew Crawford, Sophronia Crawford and Olive Crawford). We found documents showing an Amos Hoover purchased property in November 1834 and one piece of property was in his name and Andrew (his son Andrew Crawford Hoover born April 1834). In Aug 1838 there is a probate record selling property that belonged to Amos Hoover, deceased, and it names his Wife Sophronia, son Andrew and daughter Mathena. In October 1835 Amos Hoover was also found on a probate record for George Hoover as administrator. But on 21 April 1838 Basil Cross was assigned as Administator “de bonis nom” for George Hoovers estate. On the same date Amos Hoover and George Hoover appear on a bond ledger with Basil Cross as administrator for both of them. This indicates to us that they both died at the same time or about the same time. We are now on the hunt for deaths and or gravesites.

  2. Michelle Hedgepeth

    I am looking for John Charles Hoover, b. 1901 in Indiana.
    He was living in Santa Barbara, CA in 1931 and is listed as father of my aunt, but missed the 1930 census there. He married (can’t find any proof) to my grandmother, Emily Elizabeth Griffin from Arizona. He left the family when my mother was small.
    He was my mother’s father and we can’t find him. I have 2 pictures of him.
    Any ideas? Are you missing anyone in that time frame?

    1. Michelle,
      I don’t have any information on a John Charles Hoover. Most of my research in to the Hoovers is from the 18th century (1700s) in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      Do you have any other information on him? How about the names, ages, and birth locations of his children? Do you know where Emily was living prior to the marriage? Often you’ll find the marriage record in the bride’s home area. If not, perhaps the marriage took place in one of the birth locations of his children.

  3. UPDATE: I’ve also learned that descendants of Johannes and Maria Magdalena (WATSON?) HUBER located to Muskingum County, Ohio. Johannes was the son of Gregor Jonas and Anna Maria (KREUTZER) HUBER of Ellerstadt, Pfalz, Germany and brother of Andreas HUBER, my immigrant ancestor of 1754.

    NOTE: Andrew Hoover, ancestor of Pres. Herbert Hoover, has been wrongly (I strongly believe) recorded as being the Andreas from this family in Ellerstadt.

    However, research by Annette K Burgert in her Eighteenth Century Emigrants (Northern Kraichgau) research indicates that other occupants of the ship Two Sisters in 1738 were from Ittlingen, but none were from Ellerstadt or its vicinity. I’ve looked at the Ittlingen records available in the FamilySearch.org Records Search pilot and the individuals she names – Joh. Gottlieb Bräuninger, Joh. Martin Bräuninger, Joh. Michael Oesterlin, Dietrich Benedict, Hans Peter Sailer, and Pleickerd Dietrich Sailer – are indeed from Ittlingen.

    Additionally, this Andrew married the daughter of an immigrant from Rohrbach, a village near Ittlingen. Since the Germans tended to migrate and settle as groups, this is a strong indication that President Hoover’s ancestor was not from Ellerstadt, but from Ittlingen. (I hope to write a longer article on this topic at another time.)

  4. UPDATE: I believe the John Hoover of Madison Twp in 1840 is John H. Hoover, the possible grandson of John Hoover of Franklin/Newark Twps (1820-1830).

  5. UPDATE: “Ohio Marriages” includes a record of a marriage between Samuel Hoover and Anna Boyd on 8 Oct 1816. I believe that the Anna Hoover in the 1850 census for Monroe Township is the widow of Samuel Hoover. Whether or not Samuel is a member of the Fayette Co., PA -> Licking Co., OH Hoover clan is still TBD. If I can find some of his children in the 1880 census, it may provide a clue to his birthplace.


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