Photo: Jacob L. Hocker’s Children

Jacob L. Hocker & sons
Jacob L. Hocker children

Jacob L. Hocker, son of John Peter and Nancy (WELPMER) HOCKER, was born Jun 1850 and died sometime between 1920 and 1930. He married first Susanna (___), and second Ida May MUTTERSPAUGH. Jacob and Susanna had at least eight children, as follows:

  1. John W. Hocker, b. ca Mar 1870, Middle Paxton township, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania
  2. Elias Hocker, b. ca 1873, Pennsylvania
  3. Franklin Edward Hocker, b. 16 Jan 1875, Lebanon county, Pennsylvania
  4. Peter L. Hocker, b. ca 1877/8, Pennsylvania
  5. David Elmer Hocker, b. 12 Aug 1880, Buck county, Missouri
  6. Emma Ella (Hocker) Fertig, b. 13 Oct 1885, Dauphin Boro, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania
  7. Jacob L. Hocker Jr., b. 1890, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania
  8. Clifford Carl Hocker, b. 1897/8, Dauphin Boro, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania

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  1. Travis W. Hocker

    Hi Kris!

    We have found some updated info about this part of my family. I have been working with Ardelle K. and Marilyn F. and have visited the cemetery in Matamoras. In this photo you have John. W. seated next to Ida May Mutterspaugh and Jacob L. Sr. In the back row you have: Jacob Jr., Peter, David, and Franklin (left to right). Emma and Elias are not in this photo. Elias was living in New York at the time of this photo (1898-1900?) and Emma was married and in her early 20’s. I’m still looking for first wife, Susana’s maiden name and she and Jacob had another child that died young named, Elwood. P.C. Hocker 1888-1896. He died only 2 months after his mother. Susana’s dates are 9 July 1848 – 31 October 1896. Jacob and Ida’s child, Lula May’s dates are 17 September 1900 – 25 July 1909. Jacob L. Sr., Susana, Elwood, and Lula May’s names are all inscribed on the same stone. I have also found Jacob L. Hocker Sr.’s Death Certificate. He died 8 February 1929 from diabetes and chronic bronchitis which he had for the last couple of years of his life. The date is not inscribed on his stone. We will send you this updated info and I can send you any pictures that you would like to see. Good luck with your project and updating the great Hacker-Hocker book!

    Best regards,
    Travis W. Hocker

  2. Travis W. Hocker

    Hi Kris,
    Thanks for posting all of the great info about our family here. I scanned these photos also. Please get in touch with me about Jacob’s children…it seems you have more info than my Grandpa remembers? David was his Grandfather and my Grandpa Charles L. Hocker worked in his Pretzel (Bretzel) factory. There are also some mistakes in the Hacker-Hocker book, so I am curious? Emma and Clifford were Ida’s children, so I believe 1885 should be 1895 for Emma? Let’s chat.

    Sincerely (Your distant cousin),
    Travis W. Hocker

    1. Travis,
      thanks for the comment. You’re right about there being errors in the Hacker-Hocker book—I’ve found a few myself.

      However, in the case of Emma, census records place her birth in Oct 1885. Her Dauphin County marriage record also indicates that she was 24 (b. ca 1885/6) when she married on January 1, 1910 [Dauphin County Marriage Records, Book U, Vol 2:208]. Jacob Jr. was born in 4 Apr 1883; so his date is wrong. This is from both census records and his 1918 draft registration.

      According to Dauphin County marriage records, Jacob L. and Ida May (Mutterspaugh) Hocker were married 2 Mar 1899 in Harrisburg [Dauphin County Marriage Records, Book V, Vol 1:400]. His previous wife Susan died 31 Oct 1896—also from the marriage record and Dauphin County death records [Dauphin County Death Records, Vol B:1851]. So, Emma and Jacob were definitely the children of Jacob’s first marriage.

      The 1900 and 1910 census enumerations both state that Ida had had two children—one is Lulu May, the other may be Clifford Carl. He is, I believe, incorrectly attributed as Jacob’s son—although Jacob likely adopted him.* In the 1900 census he is listed as “Clifford C. Garman, boarder” aged 3 years. It is possible that Ida had a child (Clifford) either from a previous marriage or another relationship. Their marriage record only lists Jacob’s previous marriage, so either is possible. A check of the Dauphin County records for a Garman-Mutterspaugh marriage or a birth record for Clifford C. Garman would likely prove this either way.

      The 1900 census record also seems to state that both of Ida’s children were alive in 1900. The 1910 census states that she’d had two children, but only one was alive—and while Clifford appears with the family in 1910, Lulu doesn’t. The Dauphin County death records only go up until 1906. From then, the records were kept at the state level. So, if Lulu did die, she likely died between 1906 and 1910.

      I know there are only 6 children in the photo. Elias may have died young. He appears with the family in the 1880 census in Jefferson Township, Polk County, Missouri, but I’ve no information on him after that. Since he would have been 27 in 1900 (the next surviving census), he wouldn’t have been living at home, making home somewhat more difficult to locate.

      It’s also somewhat strange that Ida’s not in this photo. I’m terrible at estimating ages from photographs, but perhaps this was taken prior to or at the time of his marriage to Ida (one of a series of family photos?), circa 1899? Jacob Jr. would have been about 16 and Emma would have been about 14…


      *The Dauphin County marriage records include one in March 1927 for Clifford Carl Hocker, age 29, child of Jacob and Ida (Boonersbaugh [sic]) and one in Nov 1939 for Clifford Carl Hocker, age 42, child of Jacob & Ida (Muttersbaugh) Hocker.

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