Photo: Orvis Rowles

Orvis Maxwell Rowles
Orvis Maxwell Rowles

Orvis Maxwell Rowles was the son of Luther and Anna Belle (Houdeshell) Rowles. He was born 3 Apr 1922 and died 20 Dec 1994.

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  1. Evelyn Hultberg

    Kristen, I cannot get over the fact that this man looks exactly like Orvis Houdeshell, the youngest son of Bill Housdeshell. Bill was Grandma Hoover’s younger brother and he lived up the road from us in Pine Glen. They could pass for twins. Interesting that they both have the same name!

    1. They were first cousins, so I’d guess the some resemblance is to be expected.

  2. George Rowles

    What is your relationship to him? Orvis is my my uncle, his brother George Rowles, is my father.

    1. George,
      thanks for the post. Your grandmother Anna Belle (Houdeshell) Rowles was the sister of my great grandmother Nora Malina (Houdeshell) Hoover.


  3. Steve Howdyshell


    I think the birth date for Orvis Maxwell Rowles in missed typed. I understand with all the date ones looks at how this happens. Just thought you would want to know.


    1. Yep. You’re right, Steve. He was born 3 Apr 1922. Thanks for the catch!

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