1. Skip Hocker

    I’ve sent an e-mail to Kris Hocker but haven’t heard back yet. I’d be interested in knowing who the gentleman in the white shirt and blue jeans is; I was stunned and thought I was looking at a photo of myself.

    Skip Hocker (real name Elwood Carlton Hocker, Jr.) a decendant of Martin Hocker (Johan’s son) formerly of Lancaster Co. and now living near Woolrich, PA (ten miles north of Lock Haven, PA).

    I have a “Hockersville” road sign hanging over the door of my log home, compliments of the Derry Township Manager.

    I just retired so I’m only now doing some minor research so feel free to call me (570) 769-3263 or e-mail me at shocker261@yahoo.com.

    1. Skip, the gentleman you’re referring to is John Garret Hocker Jr. He’s a descendant of Johannes “John” W. Hocker (1804-1884) and Elizabeth Heinrich (1808-1874), son of Martin Hocker and his first wife Christiana Beinhauer, and older, half-brother to your ancestor Jacob Hocker (1818-1898). John is from the Colorado branch of the Hocker family.

  2. Anna-Laura Hocker

    Hi, how do I get in on the Hocker research with you? My bunch and I live in Kentucky. Mom is now 80, and we’re always looking for new family information.

    1. Anna-Laura, what information are you looking for? A connection to my Hocker family research? I’d need more information on your family line to determine that. You can contact me via email by clicking the “Get in Touch” link at the top of the page. I’d be glad to help.

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