1. Kris,

    A very sincere thanks from our family to yours for building this fantastic web site a valuable source of well documented information and stories of our Rußheimer and Grabener Families! You are spot on in your comments and research. This site is a literal Goldmine of a find.

    I have researched and worked diligently on the Haushalter Family Tree with many other family historians who have a combined 100 or more years of family history research….including Lorenz Haushalters tree. I also have information that completely links Johannes Adam Haushalter (1719 – 1797) and his half brother Johannes Georg Haushalter (1727 – 1777) with the Jocks, Weidmanns and Hackers! Our collaborated Haushalter, Housholter, Housholder, Householder family tree is found at Family Search.

    First of all here is Lorenz Haushalter III


    Lorentz Haushalter I
    1657-1701 •
    Margaretha Körber
    1667-1703 •
    Marriage: 29 February 1692
    Rußheim, Markgrafschaft Baden-Durlach, Germany
    Children (4)
    Anna Barbara Haushalter
    1692-1693 •
    Hanß Michael Haushalter
    1694-Deceased •
    Lorentz Haushalter II
    1696-1768 •
    Hanß Peter Haushalter
    1702-1774 •

    This is the first generation. Lorenz I was the brother of Johannes Michael Haushalter (1650 – 1730) whose branches through his son Johannes Haushalter (1790) and Annamaria Barbara Siegel give us Adam (1719) and his half brother Georg (1727), through his second wife Elisabetha Jock.

    Here is Lorenz Haushalter II Jr. son of Lorenz Senior:


    Lorentz Haushalter II
    1696-1768 •
    Maria Barbara Häger
    1700-1771 •
    Marriage: 20 Jan 1722
    Russheim, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
    Children (5)
    Johann Georg Haushalter
    1723-1733 •
    Johann Friederich Haushalter
    1724-1795 •
    Lorenz Haushalter III
    1726-1805 •
    Christoph Haushalter
    1731-1735 •
    Anna Catharina Haushalter
    1736-Deceased •

    Finally Lorenz Haushalter III born in Rußheim, Markgraftshaft Baden-Durlach, Germany in 1726. He married Anna Margaretha Hacker in Rußheim in 1750 then they lost their first son Georg in 1751 before coming to the Pennsylvania Colony a year later. Lorenz and his wife Margaretha are both cousins in two ways to Johannes Adam Haushalter (1719 – 1797) and especially to Adam’s half brother Georg (1727 – 1777). Which I will explain a little bit further.

    NOTE: This next grouping of children is a rough outline in a collaborated FamilySearch tree that I have been working to document through Emanuel Lutheran and Brickerville Warwick Church records, which I have photo copies of and am currently documenting and the dates are subject to change:


    Lorenz Haushalter III
    1726-1805 •
    Anna Margaretha Hacker
    1729-1807 •
    Marriage: 24 Nov 1750
    Russheim, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
    Children (10)
    Johann Georg Haushalter
    1751-1751 •
    Margaretha Haushalter
    1754-Deceased •
    Jacob Haushalter
    1761-Deceased •
    Barbara Haushalter
    1763-1824 •
    Catharine Haushalter
    1766-1834 •
    Johann “John” Jacob Haushalter
    1767-1800 •
    Maria Elisabetha Haushalter
    1768-Deceased •
    Gottlieb Haushalter
    1770-Deceased •
    Christina Haushalter
    1772-Deceased •
    Susanna Haushalter
    1774-1844 •

    Recently, I posted the following commentary in our Family Chatroom:

    Haushalters – Hackers – Weidmanns – Jocks

    With some of the latest discoveries and records from the Rußheimer Familienbuch everything is starting to make some sense and pieces of the puzzle are lining up real well now!!!!

    Here are a few pictures that help illustrate our “Allied Family Ties” with Adam (1719) and his half brother Georg (1727) and their cousin Lorenz (1726). As well as some of our Weidmann and Hacker connections also.

    After his first wife Annamaria Barbara Siegel passed away, Johannes Haushalter (1690) re-married a second time to Elisabetha Jock and together they had a son Georg Haushalter in (1727) who was named after his maternal grandfather.

    Elisabetha Jock’s father Johannes George Jock was the brother of Johannes Diebold Jock.

    Diebold had a daughter named Anna Margaretha Jock that married Christoph Hacker and they had a daughter named Anna Margaretha Hacker who later became the wife of Lorenz Haushalter III (1726) who was the same age as his cousin Georg Haushalter (1727).

    Matthias Weidmann (1775) had a daughter before leaving Graben somewhat late in life with his second wife and named her Maria Elisabetha Weidmann in (1729) who married our Adam Haushalter (1719) in October of 1743. This marriage happened rather early in her life, most likely because her father passed away when she was just 14 years old in March of that same year. Leaving her the only child at the original homestead in Clay Township.

    In addition our Adam (1719)’s older sister Maria Margaretha Haushalter (1718) married Johannes Weidmann (1718) the brother of Martin and son of Matthias, in 1741 a couple years before our Adam married John’s half sister Maria Elisabetha Weidmann (1729).

    Matthias’s first born son Martin Weidmann (1698) also had a daughter named Maria Elisabetha Weidmann (1731) in Graben before coming to the Colonies who was later Christened in Pennsylvania in 1733. This Maria Elisabetha the niece of our Maria ended up marrying Johann Adam Hacker.

    Finally, Martin Weidmann (1698)’s other daughter named Anna Margaretha Weidmann married Adam Hacker’s younger brother Johann Georg Hacker and they lived in Cocalico Township on the expanding Hacker farm.

    Hope this answere some questions and it shows us how very much related our families were to each other years before arriving in Nord Amerika!

    The children of Johannes Haushalter (1790) and his first wife Annamaria Barbara Siegel. Please note that Jörg (1723) only lived for a short two months! Many family trees confuse baby Jörg with Georg (1727)!

    Johannes Haushalter
    1690-1730 •
    Anna Maria Barbara Siegel
    1685-1725 •
    Marriage: 12 Nov 1713
    Russheim, Baden, Germany
    Children (5)
    Johann Michael Haushalter
    1715-1782 •
    Maria Margaretha Haushalter
    1718-Deceased •
    Johannes Adam Haushalter
    1719-1797 •
    Maria Barbara Haushalter
    1721-Deceased •
    Johannes Jörg Haushalter
    1723-1723 •

    The second marriage of Johannes Haushalter (1790) to Elisabetha Jock:

    Johannes Haushalter
    1690-1730 •
    Elisabetha Jock
    1706-1728 •
    Marriage: 27 Nov 1725
    Russheim, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany

    Children (1)
    Johannes Georg Haushalter
    1727-1777 •

    These 10 children are listed in the Last Will and Testament of Johannes Adam Haushalter (1719 – 1797) Recorded in 1791 as Adam Householder of Hagerstown MD and proven on 2 January 1798. We come from Matthias Haushalter (1751).

    Johannes Adam Haushalter
    1719-1797 •
    Maria Elisabetha Weidmann
    1729-1789 •
    Marriage: 17 October 1743
    Warwick Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
    Children (10)
    Johannes Adam Haushalter
    1744-Deceased •
    Adam Housholter
    1746-1804 •
    Maria Barbara Haushalter
    1749-1791 •
    Matthias Haushalter
    1751-1798 •
    Elisabetha Haushalter
    1754-1800 •
    Maria Margaretha Householder
    1761-1839 •
    Christian Haushalter
    1762-1792 •
    Eve Haushalter
    1763-1840 •
    Catherine Haushalter
    1764-1841 •
    Anna Maria Haushalter
    1765-Deceased •

    You can find the collaborated family tree at Family Search. Please add any corrections and know that we are continually adding family pictures documents and memories to it as well.

    Thanks again Kris for this awesome and well documented history of our cousins the Hackers and Hockers! We look forward to future correspondence!

    Sincerely Gary A. Housholder 🙂

    A couple of great sources that have helped us are Microfilmed Rußheim and Graben Church records also compiled in the German “Rußheimer Familien – Ortssippenbuch 1692 bis 1920” By Wilhelm Ludwig Lang, who spent countless years compiling village church records.

    There is a Graben Familienbuch also being compiled for a future release!

    The German book “Vom Oberrhein zum Susquehanna” by Dr. Mark Häberlein which I am currently busy translating pieces of into English. This book gives a well documented history of the Baden-Durlacher emigrants and their settlements in the Pennsylvania Colonies. One of the main families featured are Matthias Weidmann (1675)’s family with his first born son Martin (1698) playing a key roll… and others from Graben, Rußheim, Liedolsheim and neighboring villages along the River Rhine.

    Research from Haushalter, Housholter, Housholder, and Householder family historians including past written correspondence with Bessie Ritchie Rodgers and Jane Farrell Burgess by James R. Blum who made an update to “Householder’s of America” to cover the Housholder/Householder families of Jefferson and Wood County, Ohio, family stories from James Duffin, Ellen Housholder Rife, William Allen Householder, Sally Swearingen Scharaldi, Carole Ness Hayden, Laurie Oberhouse Housholder, Laurie Housholder Orth, Frank and Ladine Housholder, Patrick Householder, Angela Selvog, Glenda Housholder Cotta, Jewell Burcham. In Germany; Dirk Decking and the Dettenheimer Burgermeisterin Ute Göbelbecker and so very many others, please forgive me if I left anyone out!

    1. I failed to give proper thanks to the late Reverend Johannes Casper Stöver who diligently documented many of the original family records we have today from the old Brickerville, Warwick Congregation of Lancaster, Pennsylvania which later became known as Emanuel Lutheran Brickerville Church in later years!

    2. Gary, wow. Thanks for commenting. What a great amount of information to share! Glad to have it confirmed that my research has been going in the right direction. The “Rußheimer Familien” was of great assistance tying families together.

      I would be very interested in your English translation of “Vom Oberrhein zum Susquehanna.” I’m currently working on a project regarding the early members of the Warwick congregation—aka Emanuel Lutheran Church. Many of the families were interrelated back in Germany before coming to Pennsylvania. And many of them were from the same region of Germany as the Weidmans, Haushalters, and Hackers.


      1. Kris,

        You are very welcome! Here is a section that I translated that has Weidmanns, Haushalters and your Hackers!

        The Family “Einwandererclan”

        “Very few Baden-Durlacher emigrant families brought so favorable conditions of material assets into Pennsylvania with themselves as did the Weidmanns from Graben. Matthäus and Martin Weidmann were one of the earliest Baden American emigrant families in 1733. They even had to pay immigration taxes upon arrival, and were much wealthier than the most other emigrants coming from Baden. The Weidmanns were also one of the largest families: they consisted of Matthäus Weidmann (born 1675), his two adult sons: Martin (born 1698) and Jacob Heinrich (born 1711; his father and brother in 1736 succeeded), in addition to three wives and seven children – a total of thirteen people. Shortly after their arrival in Lancaster County Matthäus and Martin Weidmann paid for or earned rights based on 200 acres of land in Warwick Township. Then in (March of 1743) Matthäus Weidmann passed away. and his property was passed down to Martin’s younger brother Johannes (born 1718 who married Maria Margaretha Haushalter in 1841 she was a slightly older sister of Hans Adam Haushalter who in turn married Maria Elisabetha Weidmann Johann’s sister in 1743 shortly after they both emigrated from the village of Rußheim in 1739). Martin Weidmann however is not limited to the 1734 acquired 200 acres, but gained the rights to extra 1,000 acres (440 hectares) of land in Cocalico Township between 1745 and 1758: 1745 387 acres, 1748 536 acres in three parcels, 1758 again 80 acres.

        Even Martin Weidmann only managed a small part of his total land in the country. He significantly benefited from the rising land prices in Lancaster County upon selling a few parcels of his land holdings: 1757 E.g. a 172.25 acre tract that was considered very big back then in retrospect for Pennsylvania ~ another parcel of his 387-acre tract £700 (approx. £400 Sterling) on a certain Abraham Brubaker. He had given the acquisitions to his offspring, in turn they became some of the most established landowners in Cocalico Township.

        His two oldest sons Christoph (born 1724) and Wendel (born 1726) as the owner of 50 or 100 acres of land were already in the tax list of 1756. Martin Weidmanns, later bought the remaining part of the 387-acre parcel for £900 (Pennsylvania currency) for another son, Jacob (born 1736). At his death in 1768 Martin Weidmann gave his surviving six children, the floodplain itself for farming or are married to those, 855 £.33 Due to their wealth the Weidmann family was big in labor force as employers, by acquiring non-free workers supplement. According to the control list from 1756 Wendel Weidmann owner of a 16-year-old indentured servant, while Christoph Weidmann bequeathed in his testament from the year 1794 his heirs two Molata girls, Margaret and Barbara.

        In 1752, Lorenz Haushalter and Christoph Hacker, emigrated along with their families from the nearby village of RuBheim to Lancaster County. The Weidmann’s giving resources were not quite over. Haushalter’s estate at the time of his emigration amounted to only 80 fl, and the ownership relations of hackers are not known to us. The success of these families seem to have been crucially strengthened because of their relations with the Weidmanns. Johannes Weidmann, (son of Matthaus) through his marriage to Margaretha Haushalter (sister to Adam Haushalter), were cousins of Lorenz, acted as stewards in 1758 and temporary tenants to the original farmland that Matthäus Weidmann had acquired rights to in 1734 (from William Penn himself). Lorenz was first given land and then in 1762 transferred back some of the 200 acres of land in the tax lists of Cocalico Township.

        These connections between the Weidmanns and Hackers however, apparently were only ran deep in Lancaster, where Christoph hacker sons Adam and George married two daughter of Martin Weidmanns, Elizabeth and Margaret. In 1762 to 1764 Georg Hacker acquired the rights patented to 400 acres (176 ha) of land in two parcels, which is one directly north to the possessions of Weidmanns farm. In 1769 the Hackers sold for a bargain or “friendship Prize” by 10£ for 99 acres to his brother-in-law Georg Wächter and Jacob Walden. Georg Wachter came over in 1761 after a big migration movement in the middle of the 17th century, from the nearby Badischen village of Liedolsheim to Lancaster County emigrating and married another daughter of Martin Weidmanns, acquiring further land holdings near this family. In 1782 the “Clan” of Jacob and Christoph Weidmann, Georg Wächter, Adam Hacker and Lorenz Haushalter were all taxed for their holdings; a total of 865 acres of land, a mill, 16 horses and 20 heads of cattle.”

        Pages 161 to 164 of the book:

        From the Rhine to the Susquehanna

        Studies of immigration from Baden to Pennsylvania in the 1800’s

        By Dr. Mark Häberlein

        Segments Translated by Gary Housholder


    My grandfather on my mothers side is named Harrold Householder. We have been LDS for many generations. We have traced his lineage back to Hans michael Haushalter, brother of Lorentz Haushalter whom I expect is the father of the Lorentz Haushalter shown here. According to our records, there appears to have been a rift between Lorentz Haushalter Sr and his father Johannes Haushalter and family as we find Johannes had 3 children, Hans Michael born 1650, Lorentz born 1657 and Anna Eva born 1663. We can trace the line of Hans Michael, from whom my grandfather decended, but only show that Lorentz Sr had one son, Hans Michael. I am certain he had another son, Lorentz Jr, but have no record of it.
    Do you have any information that might show the family of Lorentz Sr. and his father Johannes Haushalter and mother?

    1. David,
      thanks for commenting.

      I don’t have any direct evidence on the ancestry of Lorentz Haushalter. His gravestone says: “Born in Rußheim in the Province of the Border Count Durlach in Europe.” He was born 13 Aug 1727 in Rußheim and married Margaretha Hacker on 24 Nov 1750 in Rußheim. I believe his parents likely were Lorentz Haushalter (3 May 1696—?) and Maria Barbara Hager (31 Jul 1700—?) of Rußheim. They married 20 Jan 1722 and had children: Johann George (12 Feb 1723—24 Apr 1733), Johann Friedrich (17 Jul 1724—5 Aug 1795), Lorentz, Christoph (18 Sep 1731—5 Jan 1735), and Anna Catharina (bef May 1736—?).

      I believe Lorentz Haushalter (1696—?) was the son of Lorentz Haushalter (1657—12 Dec 1701) and Margaretha Kaerber of Rußheim. They may have had a son Johann Michael in 1694. Lorentz (1657—1701) was, I believe, the son of Johannes Haushalter (ca 1620—?). Johannes Haushalter’s great grandson, Johann Adam Haushalter (Johannes3, Johannes Michael2, Johannes1) married Maria Elisabetha Weidman, sister to Matthias Weidman, the father of Maria Elisabetha Weidman who married my ancestor Johan Adam Hacker, brother of Anna Margaretha (Hacker) Haushalter. Maria Elisabetha (Weidman) Haushalter and Matthias Weidman’s brothers John and Johan George also married Haushalters, possibly sisters of Johann Adam Haushalter.

      All the information I have on these Haushalters came from the IGI and Keith Dull’s Early Families of Lancaster, Lebanon & Dauphin Counties Pennsylvania.

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