1. Lloyd Hess

    This is the George Hoover (George Huber) and his wife Elizabeth who sold to my relative Jacob Hess (Jacob Hoefs) in April 1799 two parcels of Land that straddle Westmoreland and Fayette Counties (Donegal and Saltlick Townships). Cost 135 pounds for about 150 acres (one parcell). Recorded in Vol 5, Page 124 and 125 Westmoreland county Records.

    My question is Jacob Hess bought about 150 acres of land from Thomas Sucas (I think this is Lucas) in 1798 in Armstrong Township (used to be in Westmoreland, now in Indiana) —–was this land traded to George Hoover for this debt????

    Lloyd Hess
    (208) 401-5136

    1. Lloyd, thanks for the post.

      I don’t believe there was a land trade. Both deeds specify that George and Elizabeth were granting the land to Jacob Hess “…for and in consideration of the sum of [either 135 or 275] pounds good and lawful money of the state of Pennsylvania to them in hand paid…” Additionally, although we haven’t found the documents in which George warranted or purchased his land in Armstrong County, we do know that it was in Plum Creek Township on Crooked Creek, not in Indiana County.


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