What’s With This Site?

Well, I had a web site I put together to share the results of my family research and solicit more information and tips to follow up on. As a result, I got a lot of emails from distant relatives, including some great information and family photos. But I didn’t update it — like not in years. Mostly because it was too time consuming. See I’d put it together back in the day (way long ago) by hand. Updating static HTML files, not worth it. Simpler by far to just shoot out emails.

But I like to gather new information and I like to share it. It’s kinda hard to do that through email since you can only share with people you know. I’ve been using WordPress on another site and it finally hit me that I could use it to share this stuff. It’s wicked easy to use and there are a ton of great themes out there (like this one) that could get me up and running very quickly. Great idea. So, I’m moving my old content over to this new site and hopefully, adding more research and photos in the future.

You can, too. I’d love to post new information and photos from any relatives — there are LOT of surnames I’ve covered. If you’d like to add something let me know.

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