1. James Climenhage

    I do have much more information but too much to post here. Is there an email address I can send to?

    1. James,
      you can email me at kris at krishocker.com.

  2. James Climenhage

    I have the will of Martin Beÿer [originally from Martic] who died in Bertie Twp., Lincoln Co. [at the time], Upper Canada. In it he names his children as Jacob, Martin, Mary, Moses, Barbary and Anna–no wife is listed.

    I assume this to be Martin Byers Sr. of Martic Twp. — neighbor of Abraham Keagy and John Huber.

    I had assumed this Martin was married to Anna Boehm [dau of Jacob] but now I am unsure. I notice that Jacob Beÿer [above] also signs his name with the umlauts so there must be a connection between Martin and Jacob — any ideas?

    1. James, thanks for the comment. Very interesting.

      I don’t know much about this family, but there are several ties to the Huber family. This Henry Huber (d. 1757) lived on property that was in either old Martic (now Providence) or old Conestoga (now Pequea) townships on the line with the present West Lampeter Township. His daughter Elizabeth married Jacob Boyers, a son—I believe—of Johannes “Hans” Boyer or Samuel Boyer (I’ve seen both). Henry’s property was adjacent that of Johan Jacob Huber (son of Hans Huber of Earl Township), Henry Hoober (d. 1767-1769), Jacob Behme, and Amos Strettel’s tract.

      When Elizabeth Huber and Jacob Boyers sold her brother John their share of Henry’s property in 1758, Jacob signed the deed in German as “Baeyer.” The witnesses were Jacob Beyer and David Stout. Looking at the warrantee maps, there were several tracts in this area warranted to Boyers. Hans Boyer, Martin Boyer, Jacob Boyer and Samuel Boyer all had tracts on the Pequea River in Conestoga and Martic Townships. If you look at the Providence Township Warrantee Map, you can see this line of properties across the top of the map: (L to R) Hans Boyer, Jacob (to John) Huber, Martin Boyer (see Abraham Smith), Jacob Boyer, Samuel Boyer, John Jacob Huber, Henry Huber. The top Michael Shank/Henry Hoober property is Henry (1757).

      The properties of Hans Boyer, Jacob Huber, Martin Boyer and Jacob Boyer (Christian Stoner) were surveyed in 1720. Assuming I’m reading the document correctly, this would mean these men were all in Lancaster County by 1720 (most likely earlier) and were of full age. According to tax records, Martin Boyer paid taxes for Conestoga in 1718, 1702/21, 1724/25, 1725 and 1725/26 when it was part of Chester County. He would have had to have been 21 (I believe) in 1718, placing his birth by 1697. He may have been the Martin Beyer (b. ca 1690), included in Richard Davis’ “1732 reconstructed census of Mennonites,” included for Conestoga Township, immigrated circa 1717. The 84 acres indicated as being of Martin Boyer were sold by 24 Oct 1735 to Abraham Smith when he patented the land.

      Do you know when your Martin went to Canada? What year did he die? How about any other information. I’d be happy to poke about and see what I can learn. Any additional information would be helpful.


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