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    This is very interesting- but I must be missing a puzzle piece somewhere along the way.. I thought the Christian Hoover who died 1771 wed Nancy Plowman and that they had a son Christian Hoover 1807- 1918 who wed Mary Lehman 1803-1883 [according to Christian and Mary’s son Christian Augustus Hoover’s death cert his parents are Christian Hoover and Mary Lehman]. Do I have something mixed up?

    1. I think you’ve confused Christian Hoovers (There were quite a few of them!). If the Christian Hoover who married Nancy Plowman died in 1771, how did he father a child in 1807——36 years after his death?

      Christian Hoover of Heidelberg Township died in 1771 and left a will. It clearly states that his wife’s name was Mary, leaving all his estate to her. Subsequent research identified her as Maria “Mary” Gochenour. Christian left money to the children of his deceased brothers and sister, but names no children of his own. This is a clear indication that he died without issue.

      You have established a link between Christian and Mary (Lehman) Hoover and Christian Augustus Hoover, but what evidence do you have that Christian and Nancy (Plowman) Hoover are related? What made you think that Christian Hoover of Heidelberg was this man? What location is associated with Christian and Nancy (Plowman) Hoover?

      Send me some information and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.

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