The girls at Mt. Gretna

Hocker girls at Mt. Gretna
Hocker girls at Mt. Gretna

Anna, Betty Jean and Miriam Hocker at Mt. Gretna

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  1. Bob Lowe

    Do you know what year that picture was from? Miriam Hocker was my Grandmother and she and my Mom (Melvina) and my Aunt Betty (Louise) used to go to Mt Gretna for bible study. The talk lady in the pic looks like my Grandmother and the girl on the right looks like my Mom. Mom thinks the second girl from the left is Betty but she wasn’t Betty Louise and we has no idea who Anna is / was.

    Incredible find on your page.

    Bob Lowe

    1. Bob, thanks for the comment.

      These are my great aunts, three of my grandfather’s sisters. Anna Louise was the eldest (tallest) in this photo, Betty Jean the next eldest (next tallest), and Miriam the youngest (righthand side). I don’t know who the girl on the very left is. They are the children of William and Isabella (Smith) Hocker. The photo was likely taken sometime in the early 1930s.

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