1. Peter Booth

    I share your frustration with the limitations of my current set of genealogical software tools. As a programmer, I am accustomed to using git to keep a record of my false starts, unfinished thoughts and scraps of ideas as branches within the context of projects. I don’t have that same functionality available in my genealogical endeavors which is why I have over 50 ancestry.com “test family trees” to explore one-off ideas, and have at least a dozen genealogical software tools that I use at different times. It’s frustrating that the tools impose a static view and don’t (implicitly) have revision control for every update that I make.

    I often wonder what other programmers use as their primary source of data 0 both sources and assertions/conclusions/theories?

  2. Brian and Michael, thanks for the feedback.

    Being on a Mac somewhat limits my software options. I’m seriously considering building a tool in FileMaker that does what I want. I could probably get it to do most of what I’m looking for.

  3. Brian Teece

    Hi Kris,
    I had the same problems with my one-name study – genealogical programs are too restrictive,
    I found that the best solution was a free-form database which has hyperlinks. Have a look at the “Kingstairs Software” site.

  4. The Master Genealogist software package does allow you to connect people as “witnesses” to events (which includes a variety of roles, such as sponsors or godparents of a baptism, etc.). These events show up on the profiles of both the principals and the witnesses.

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