1. Terry Hodecker

    I just came across your 5 year old deed plotting question but here is a simple way to plot a deed http://www.tractplotter.com perches =p and just follow the instruction on the home page.

    Email me if you need help. Terry.

    1. Terry, this actually wouldn’t work straight off the bat with my example. Deed plotting software all use the minutes and degrees. The old metes and bounds descriptions do not use minutes and degrees. The are written like “Beginning at a chestnut tree, thence by the other Land of said Henry Hoober West by South fifty six perches to a post, then South South East fourteen perches to a post, thence…” So, you’d still need the interim step to translate “West by South” into minutes and degrees. That’s the step where I had the problem; that’s where this post came from. I’d still need the “Box the Compass” chart in order to plot the the deed.

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