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  1. Our French family immigrated from Germany to Lancaster County, PA. Our surname is “French”, it is not the country. They married into Mennonite Swiss families and moved to Antrim, Franklin County, PA. We are not related to the Colonel John French who appears in that area with brother Robert. However, we cannot find any Jacob French who married Magdalena Snively in the mid-1700s in Pennsylvania. We have lots of information on the Snively family. We often think that the French surname could have been Frantz because in German the word for French is Franzosich. Do you have anything to tell me on this subject? They must have immigrated about 1730 as one son of Jacob French, George French, was born about 1728 and had to be naturalized which he did in 1747 when he acquired land. The younger brother, Jacob French Jr., was probably born in the U.S., and their oldest sister, Louisa French, married John Snively. Thank you for any information you can give me. Regards, Mara French See http://www.frenchfamilyassoc.com/FFA/SurnamesGerman/Frantz.htm

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