1. Eric

    Please understand this: when looking at these maps, even though you may see a name you are looking for that is associated with these parcels of land, that person may not have lived there. The names on the survey maps are the people in whose name the “return of survey” was provided. Many times, after a return of survey is provided, that person sells the land. That person may have never lived there, or, not have even stepped foot on the land at all….many of these people were simply land speculators that were making investments, no different than today. Sure, many times the people associated with these parcels lived there, but many times they did not as well.

  2. Jim Bohrman

    Can’t find the Manheim Township file for Schuylkill County then Berks County

    1. Jim, it may not have been created. The townships listed look to me to all be in the northeastern half of the county. Here’s what the PHMC says on the site:

      Warrantee maps have been produced ONLY for the specific townships in the counties listed in the links above. When the Land Office began fashioning these useful tools, there was no “master plan” governing which townships were mapped and which were not. Initially, maps were created for counties in which there was a great interest in the original warrantees and patentees, such as Lancaster and Dauphin. The northern tier counties were also mapped because they were deemed to be easier to fabricate, having primarily rectangular tracts of similar sizes. Other township maps were created because their particular county or region was a favorite of a specific Land Office worker. The map project ended in the mid-1990s, with no new warrantee township maps presently being produced by the State Archives.

      So, if it’s not listed, it most likely was never created. Sorry.

  3. Excellent tip, Kris. I blogged about it for my own patentee.

    Thanks for the lead! — Randy Seaver

    1. Thanks for the nod, Randy on your blog posting!

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