Install plugin in zip format


Welcome to the Cite This Page plugin page.

I put together to the Cite This Page plugin as a quick and efficient means for bloggers to provide an easy method for their readers to get a source citation for the specific page they were reading.

So, how does it put the citation together? The first name and last name come from those fields in the post author’s user profile. The page title and site name come from post title and blog name. The modified date is generated from the last time the page was saved and the accessed date is generated from the current date.

This plugin currently adds a citation to posts only.


In order to use it, you must have a self-hosted WordPress blog; it will not work for blogs hosted on or Blogger.

How to Install

Install plugin in zip format

Go to the Add New Plugin page. Click Upload. Browse to find the file that you downloaded to your computer. Once you’ve added it, click Install. The file will be uploaded to your server and unzipped. Click Activate on the Installed Plugins page to turn on the plugin.

That’s it!


Why doesn’t my name show up?

The author’s name is taken from the author’s user profile in WordPress. If your name is not appearing in the citation, it may not have been set up in your user profile. Go to your user profile and make sure the the first name and last name fields have been filled out.

Why doesn’t my “Cite This Page” box have a gray background like yours?

I purposely left out any style (CSS) information so that the generated text would automatically fit in with any template. However, the main <div> that creates the box has a class assigned for easy CSS styling. My box is styled like this:

.note {
     padding: 9px;
     background: #eee;
     border: 1px solid #ccc;

If you add this code to your style.css file, your “Cite This Page” box will have a gray background with a solid, darker gray outline, too.

If you have questions, feedback or problems with the plugin, please comment below.

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