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  2. Michelle


    My name is Michelle (Meeker) Rogus from Snow Shoe. I am also related through Jefferson. His daughter, Carrie, married my great, great grandfather William Meeker. I love your web site and I got a lot of information from your site! I am supposed to take a genealogy class from the the Centre County Genealogy Society and I’m hoping to get some help from them. If I find anything deeper about Jefferson, I’ll let you know. Any ideas about where these people (Force, Mulhollan, or Boileau) are coming from?
    Thanks. Michelle

    1. Rudolph Mulhollan, father of John Mulhollan, was supposedly born in Ireland about 1770, coming to the US as a young man. He may have settled in Cumberland County before moving to Centre County. From what I understand, this was a common migration—from York, Cumberland, and Bedford counties northward into Centre and Clearfield.

      Daniel Boileau “came to Milesburg from Huntingdon County to make flour-barrels at the Milesburg grist-mill. He and his father-in-law Mr. Robertson, had fought side by side in the Revolutionary war as soldiers in the French army. Boileau settled eventually on a bit of land south of Milesburg, and died there in 1840. In front of the old log house that was his home at that place stand a hockory-tree that he planted with his own hands upon the occasion of Gen. Jackson’s first campaign for the Presidency.” [History of Centre County, p. 264] ~ The information I have on Daniel Boileau and Mary Robertson may be incorrect. There is, perhaps, another generation between them and Emily Boileau, wife of John Mulhollan.

  3. Marilyn


    Are you still looking for information on Jefferson Force? I can’t say if we have any, but I can ask my mother. We are descendents of Whlhemina Susan Force and Robert A Askey.

    Don’t know if I can learn any more than you, but I’ll try.


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