1. DeEtta Gary

    I have a Johann Gruelich as 1 of my ancestors. You didn’t have his wife’s last name. My Johann’s wifes name was Maria Pfiefer. I don’t have any exact dates but he was born about 1760 and died after 1793. I don’t have any dates for her. Their daughter’s name was Marie Elizabeth Gruelich & she was born Sept 11, 1793

  2. Richard Holland

    Im doing a family tree and it shows

    Johann Adam Hocker
    Your 5th great grandfather
    Birth Feb 20, 1764 in Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
    Death Nov 13, 1821 in Pennsylvania

    kin maybe?

    1. Richard Holland, we share Johann “Hans” Adam Hocker/Hacker. He is the son of Christoph, father to Martin who was married to Christiana Beinhower, first wife of Martins. Hans is my 5th great grandfather. Hans, Martin, John, John Benjamin, William Edward, Clarence Benjamin then my mother Eva Jean b 1923 d 1998. I am on FB Patty Hocker Ryker if interested. Also Ancestry, privately.

  3. Hi Kris. I’ve been searching for my Hydrick/Heydrick line for many years. Through DNA, it has led me to the Heydrick’s of Pennsylvania. I haven’t been able to resolve the paper trail completely. I’m also showing I’m related to the Hocker’s. I know in Whitemarsh, Montgomery County, PA, there’s a Hocker Cemetery where a George Heydrick is buried. I feel this must be a clue that connects these families. Any insight would be very much appreciated on how these families connect. You have a wonderful website. I can’t wait to explore more. Thank you, PK Hydrick.

    1. PK, I’m glad you like the site!

      My Heidrig line is not one that I’m overly familiar with. I haven’t researched it at all and only know of the connection from The Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families, so my known link to the surname is through my maternal line, not my Hockers.

      I don’t know of a connection to the Hocker family, but I can by no means claim to have researched the entire family—-especially the descendants of Johan Georg Hacker, owner Erdenheim in Whitemarsh Township. There are several wives of his grandchildren, etc. whose maiden names I do not know. Researching his children–especially those who resided in Philadelphia County–is on my list of ToDos… If I do find a link, I’m sure I’ll be writing about it and posting it to the site.

      If you want to send me information on your line, I can certainly keep an extra close eye out for those names.

    2. You wouldn’t be related to Thomas Heydrick Hocker, b. Aug 1899, of Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, would you?

  4. Hello Kris, I am a direct descendent of Johann Adam Hacker and Elizabetha Weideman. John Benjamin Hocker, son of John and Elizabeth Henry Hocker is my 2nd Great Grandfather that married Mary Ann Hess in 1854, Cumberland, PA and the set out to venture West. I am very impressed with your work and aside from the Hocker connection is my curiosity of the “Bobb” surname. It is speculated that Mary Ann Hess’ father was Jacob Hess who married a Maria or Mary Bobb or Babb. Have you, in any of your research of the name come across any Hess relation? Thank you for putting all this on the web for us to be able to look at and find information that may lead us further down the “genealogical path.” I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Patty,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the site and the information I’ve posted.

      My Bobb connection occurs in the 1830s in Berks County and I’ve only traced my direct line, working backwards. I haven’t seen any Hess connection, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I’ll keep an eye out.

      Do you know where in Pennsylvania Mary Ann was born?


      1. Kris, Jacob and the Mary/Maria he was married to were both from Berks. I have church records to verify that. Mary Ann Hess Birth 6 MAY 1830 in Berks, Pennsylvania, United States Death 21 SEP 1888 in Rio Grande, Colorado, United States. The 1850 census for Cumberland is the first that shows all the kid’s names with the exception of Lydia. Mary Ann’s oldest granddaughter had that information of the family but nothing on the parents.
        We got the parents names from that census. The Hess’ went to Cumberland around 1840+. The boys, were as their dad, blacksmiths. Another record that I had gotten from pedigree records many years ago was Jacob married to a Polly Belfield, Bilfield but I haven’t been able to find anything about her at all. We are thinking she died after David was born (the oldest child) then the rest of the children were born to this Mary/Maria. My daughter and I have spent years looking for something to prove who she is. We found in the church records for Berks that there was a Maria Babb or Bobb that took communion on the same day that Jacob did, then as far as we can tell she then became Maria Hess and was always with Jacob in records until they moved to Cumberland then it stops. Mary Ann left PA after getting married to J.B Hocker, went to Ohio and never back to PA. Nothing in the family bible that another woman has and won’t relinquish tells the names of her siblings but that is all. Interesting, I thought. It also states that Mary Ann and John B. married in Shippensburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Terri wrote for records but we have never heard back and I haven’t pursued that any further.
        I just jump at the name Bobb when I see it, hoping that there is a Hess involved. We cannot even find a death time for either of them. Jacob is not on any census after 1850 and Mary is with various children until 1870, then nothing.
        No worries, just had to ask. Always looking….;)

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