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  2. B. Nuessli

    Did you ever search under the name Nüssli (Nuessli) in Switzerland? The Names you found from Germany was originally emigrated from Switzerland to Germany and some to America and possibly to other places too

    1. No, I’m still trying to find the immigrant ancestor. Without knowing who, it’s unlikely I’d be able to find the where.

  3. Lin Mease

    Hi. Is it possible to get the details from John Nissley’s will? According to your link, the will abstract was “proven” in the court in July 1789, but I am hoping that a death date of May 30, 1789 is also in that document that was proven in court.

    1. Lin,
      I can tell you that wills were usually “proven” after—sometimes months after—a person’s death. They almost never include the death date of the deceased, especially from this time frame. In fact, I’ve only seen the date of death (or a general timeframe) given in probate files from the late 1800s. To get a death date from this period, you’ll need to locate the burial location (and gravestone) and/or church record. Or a family bible record.

      I don’t have a copy of this will. It was recorded in Will Book Y2:487 which is not online nor on microfilm. You can order it from the Lancaster County Archives. Email them and they’ll send you a copy of the will (hopefully translated) and a bill for copying.


        1. LinMease

          As a descendent of John Nissley of West Donegal, you might like to know that developers working on what was his original property have come across a buried farm cemetery. In it they found what is believed to be Nissley’s tombstone dated May, 1789, another possibly belonging to Mary Nissley, an Ober tombstone, and the first postmaster of Elizabethtown, Michael Kobel’s (Coble) tombstone. Grave Concern of Lanc County attorney 717-393-0671, or 717-627-3736 (phone numbers listed on their fb page) is working with local preservationists regarding the future of the site and its remains. If you are interested, please call Grave Concern. Thank you.

          1. Good to know, Lin! Thanks for posting.

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