My Family Groups

I’ve put together family group pages for some of the families I’ve researched. You’ll notice—if you’re familiar with my previous site—that the format has changed. I’ve written these out instead of just pulling out the genealogical data—a register report instead of family group sheet format.*

The list of family information that I’ve put online is included in the list of family pages. Relationships are shown through the hierarchy in the list (child indented beneath parent). The “loose ends”—families where I do not know how they fit—are included at the “top” level—without indentation.

I’ve tried to include source information in footnotes, where possible. Unfortunately, I’m as imperfect as the next person, so not everything is perfectly documented. If you have a question about a piece of information—it’s source, it’s relevance, etc.—please let me know. I’m including comments for each page, to allow an ongoing discussion of the data.

These pages are “living” documents. They are edited from time to time as new information is found and may even be completely revamped as required by my research results. If you would like to reference any of these pages in your own research, the appropriate source citation would look like this:

“Hocker, Kristen, “[page title],” /genealogy, The Genealogy & Family Research Site of Kris Hocker, [date viewed], [url].”

Simply replace the example items in brackets with with the appropriate information. You can also scroll to the bottom of a family page to get the source citation for that page.

My Family Research

If you’d like to know what other surnames I’m researching, here is a full list (alphabetical order):

  • AITKEN: William and Marion (Brown) Aitken; Scotland
  • BOBB: Daniel and Catharine (Gilbert), Daniel and Anna (Herb); Pennsylvania (Berks)
  • BOILEAU: Daniel and Mary (Robertson/Robinson); France?, Pennsylvania (Huntingdon, Centre)
  • BONNINGTON: Robert and Anges (Inglis) Bonnington; Scotland, also Pennsylvania, West Virginia
  • BUCHANAN: John and Mary (Irvine) Buchanan and James and Sarah (Craig) Buchanan; Scotland, Ireland
  • CRAIG: Sarah (Craig) Buchanan; Scotland, Ireland
  • DEISCHER: Peter and Maria (Trump); Pennsylvania (Berks)
  • DILLINGER: William D. and Elizabeth (Dietz) Dillinger; Pennsylvania (Lehigh)
  • ECKLEY: John D. and Catharine (Walker) Eckley; Pennsylvania (Centre)
  • ESCHBACH: Henry Moyer and Catherine Lydia (Bobb) Eshbach; Pennsylvania (Montgomery)
  • FORCE/FORCEE/FORCEY: Jefferson and Susan (Mulhollan) Force; Pennsylvania (Centre)
  • FRANTZ: Michael and Fannie (Nissley) Frantz; Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Dauphin)
  • GREULICH: Georg Philipp and Anna Margaretha (Wurzel) Greulich; Germany (Haag), Pennsylvania (Montgomery)
  • HACKER/HOCKER: Johan Stephen and Anna Maria (___) Hacker; Germany (Rußheim), Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Dauphin, Cumberland, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Berks), Ohio (Montgomery), Colorado, Virgina (Buckingham)
  • HERB: Abraham and Sibilla Herb; Pennsylvania (Berks)
  • HERSHEY: Sophia Maria (Hershey) Hocker; Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Dauphin)
  • HOOVER: Christian and Caroline (Kinnard) Hoover; Pennsylvania (Clearfield, Centre, Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson, Fayette, Westmoreland, Lancaster, York, Somerset, Bedford), Maryland, Ohio, Kansas, Washington, Germany (Ittlingen, Ellerstadt, Trippstadt)
  • HOUDESHELL/HOUDYSHELL/HOWDYSHELL: Adam and Mary (Sine) Houdeshell; West Virginia (Hardy), Ohio, Kansas, Missouri
  • KINNARD: Thomas and Maria (Fisher) Kinnard; Pennsylvania (Clearfield, Armstrong)
  • KLINE: Philip and Lydia (Markly) Kline; Pennsylvania (Montgomery)
  • LANDIS: Felix and Rosanna (Weltner) Landis; Pennsylvania (Lancaster)
  • LEEDY: John Harbaugh and Catharine (Krehl) Leedy; Pennsylvania (York, Perry)
  • MAYES: Thomas Mayes; England, Pennsylvania (Centre)
  • MECHLING: John Jarret and Anna Margaret (Oberley) Mechling; Pennsylvania
  • MULHOLLAN: Rudolph and Mary (Weirham) Mulhollan; Pennsylvania (Cumberland, Centre)
  • PARSONS: Anthony and Catharine (Bowerman?) Parsons; Pennsylvania (Perry)
  • SMITH: Thomas and Agnes (Nimmo) Smith; Scotland (Linlithgow), Pennsylvania
  • SNYDER/SCHNEIDER: Henry and Sarah (Wissler) Schneider,  Joseph and Judith (Deysher) Snyder; Pennsylvania (Montgomery)
  • WAAGE: Rev. Frederick and Angelina (Garber) Waage; Denmark, Pennsylvania (Montgomery)
  • WALKER: George and Catharine (Walker) Walker; Pennsylvania (Centre)
  • WIEDER: Saulus and Anna (Mechling) Wieder; Pennsylvania (Montgomery)
  • WITMER: John and Rachel (Jones) Witmer; Pennsylvania (Montgomery, Bucks)
  • WOLF: Jacob Wolf; Pennsylvania (Montgomery)

A full list of my known ancestors can be found on my Ahnentafel List. If hope you find something new here that helps your family research. Good luck!

* The Register style has become one of the accepted styles of writing and organizing genealogical data. It is clear, precise and provides a standard for family researchers to follow in presenting their information. [Download a Word template.]


  1. Pam Sloane

    Hi Kris, I am a descendant of James and Charity (Hoover) Mullen who lived next to an Emanuel Hoover in Johnstown, Licking, OH during the 1820 census. Charity has been a brick wall for years. I’ve always thought that Charity and Emanuel must be related in some way but I haven’t been able to connect them – possibly cousins?? Have you ever run into her in your research? She was born about 1774 in PA; family lore says she was German; she and James come from PA (poss. Luzerne Co) to Licking Co in about 1810. Thanks, Pam Sloane

  2. Just curious about your research. Have you run across any Hoovers in Pennsylvania from the mid to late 1700 that just don’t fit in with your Hoovers?

    I am looking for information about Michael Hoover born in 1786 in PA. I have hit a wall. Oral family history has 3 brothers coming to the US from Alsace Lorraine, but I have not been able to get to even the father of Michael. He was born in PA, then moved to Ohio and then to Indiana. He had 2 wives and 11 or so kids between them.

    1. Don, thanks for the comment. I’ve run into a lot of Hoovers that don’t fit into my Fayette County Hoover family. Unfortunately, Hoover/Huber is a fairly common name. For instance, a quick search of the 1790 census for Pennsylvania shows 59 “Hoover” households and that does not include those enumerated as Huber, Hover, etc. I’m sorry, but I don’t specifically have information on a Michael Hoover/Huber born in 1786.

      In the early 1700s the best places to look in Pennsylvania are probably Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin and Berks counties. They also spread out west across the Susquehanna River into Cumberland, York and down into Bedford and Franklin counties. Do you have a location in Pennsylvania? If not, but you know where in Ohio the family went from Pennsylvania, I’d research that location to see where its settlers were from. Often groups of people, including extended families, moved from one location to another together. Other Hoovers in that locale might be extended family members and researching them might provide clues into your family.

      If you’d like, send me more information on your Michael Hoover and family. I’ll add it to my files and keep an eye out for more info during my research. Also, if you tell me what types of research you’ve done, I might be able to make some suggestions for additional avenues of investigation. Just let me know if I can help. :^)

  3. Jackie Alto

    JUst found your site. I am wondering what happened to all of the children of Josiah and Amanda Katherine Hamilton Hocker. I have that she died on July 7, 1877 in Cumberland Co. I find Josiah on the 1880 Cumberland Co Census with wife Martha. The only child I can find anything on is Lewis Edgar the youngest. Any help on them? I am working on Amanda’s parent’s from the Wierman line. Saw the picture here of Josiah and Amanda, she looks older than 44 what she would have been if she did indeed die in 1877.
    Thanks Jackie

    1. That is an excellent observation about the photo. I believe you are correct that this isn’t Amanda.

      The information I had on Amanda was that she died sometime after she and Josiah sold land in Cumberland County on 14 May 1877, but before 1880 when he appears with another woman as his wife in the 1880 census.

      I was sent this photo by a family member already labeled as Josiah and Amanda. Perhaps, it is really Josiah and his second wife, Martha, but was mislabeled. I’ll add some additional information to that photo!

      Concerning the children. To the best of my knowledge, Josiah and Amanda had eight children:

      1. John W. HOCKER, b. 27 Jan 1854, Cumberland Co, d. 8 Jul 1891, Adams Co., married Emma S. (__)
      2. Harriet HOCKER, b. 1 Dec 1855, d. 24 Apr 1876, buried Mt Holly Springs Cemetery
      3. Catherine HOCKER, b. ca 1856-1857
      4. Mary Belle HOCKER, b. ca 1858-1859
      5. George Alphred HOCKER, b. 11 Dec 1861, d. Jul 1880, Fayetteville PA
      6. Joseph H HOCKER, b. 9 Apr 1865, Mt Holly Springs, d. 7 Aug 1951, Lincoln, Nebraska; m. Theresa L. (___); son Albert Joseph b. 2 Aug 1891/92 in Atchison, KS
      7. Charles Martin HOCKER, b. 28 May 1869/70
      8. Lewis Edgar HOCKER, b. 30 Mar 1872, d. 26 Jul 1962, Bellflower, California, m. Alice Hortensia RHOADS

      In 1886 Josiah and some of his family moved West to Maywood, Nebraska, then to Atchison, Kansas, and later Lincoln, Nebraska.

      Can you tell me anything about Amanda (HAMILTON) HOCKER’s family? I have info that suggests her father was Willam W. HAMILTON, proprietor of the “Green Tree” tavern in Sporting Hollow?

  4. Dan,
    I have a John Caspar(?) HOCKER, b. Aug 1875, d. 1943. He married twice, first to Harriet HIGHLAND in 1908, and second to Annie E. FIRST in 1920.

    John and Harriet had children:
    1. Blanch HOCKER, b. ca 1909
    2. Murray William HOCKER, b. ca 1912
    3. Harry A. HOCKER, b. ca 1914

    Harriet (HIGHLAND) HOCKER died 18 Oct 1918.

    John and Annie had children:
    4. John Casper HOCKER, b. 29 Apr 1921
    5. Daniel George HOCKER, b. 24 Jun 1922

    John had a siblings, as follows:
    1. Mary Jane (HOCKER) BERRY
    2. Daniel G. HOCKER
    3. Ellen V. (HOCKER) ALLEN
    4. Florence E. (HOCKER) CLIPPENGER
    5. Murry William HOCKER
    6. Harry Allen (A. Harry) HOCKER
    7. Mabel G. (HOCKER) CUSAK
    8. Carrie E. HOCKER

    I believe this is your family. Daniel George’s wife Ethel’s obituary lists children: “sons, Daniel Hocker…, John Hocker…; daughter, Patricia Hocker…; She was preceded in death by her daughter, Catherine Hocker.”

    I’ve proven this family line back to Daniel (1821—1875) and Mary Elizabeth (___) HOCKER of Harrisburg; and I believe I can tie them back to my immigrant ancestor Johan Adam HACKER.

    If you’d like get/share more information, please just let me know. Hope this helps.


    1. Steve Hocker

      Hi Kris,

      I came upon your site as well. My Grand Father was John C Hocker. His wife was Eva Jones. They had three children.

      My Mother is Jane Marie Hocker. Her Sister is Jeanette Hocker ( Not sure of middle name ). and his son is John C Hocker Jr.

      Daniel George Hocker was known to me when I was growing up as Uncle Dan. My Grandfather and Uncle Dan spent lots of time at Penn National Race Course. Betting the ponies. I was attached at the hip to him growing up and spent lots of time with him.

      My Pappy as I called him died Sept 23 1992 and is buried at Indiantown Gap. Hope this fits in your research.

  5. Daniel C. Hocker

    Hi Kris, I came about your site on Hocker family tree. I was born in Harrisburg, Pa on 1944. My father was Daniel George Hocker and his father was John George Hocker.

    Does any of this fit in with your work?

    Thanks, Dan Hocker

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