Philip Kline (1799-1877)

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery (Montgomery, PA)

Some family gravestones from St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Red Hill, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. [map] You can find more information on church records and burials at this cemetery at St. Paul’s website.


  1. John B. Ten Eyck

    Cheers Kris,
    Wondering if you would be so kind to post your cem. monument photos on the website, Find-a-Grave. Many researchers would be so grateful of your hard work and dedication, I know I would, here on the Sunride side of Michigan.. Thank you and God Bless, John B. Ten Eyck

  2. You have done a fine job with your gallery.
    If you want you may wish to provide a link to our new website
    There is a genealogical section now at our new website.
    A special donation enable us to get out records and this new website on the internet..
    Interested persons may for a small donation access to research the genealogical library of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – Red Hill, PA through the website.
    The small donation will assist us in maintaining the site.
    Blessings to you.
    Pastor Vanderslice

    1. Thank you, Pastor, for your comment. That is excellent news regarding access to the church’s genealogical library!

      Two of my relatives were once pastors at St. Paul’s—Rev. Frederick Waage and his son Rev. Oswin Waage—and numerous family members are buried in the cemetery.

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